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IPR Pittsburgh Transmissions

Excerpts from March 26, 2020

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This is Max Morris with Intuitive Public Radio. I am broadcasting from unceded Haudenosaunee territory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and planet Earth, with respect and love for our indigenous peoples.

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Today is March 26 2020. These are our latest compiled links and excerpts, which you can find made of text you can click on by pointing your browser to http://Intuitive.pub/radio.

Find full transcripts at http://Intuitive.pub/text.

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Before we move on to the rest of our items, I want to call out for Theo Henderson, who produces We The Unhoused on Anchor FM and favorite podcast platforms everywhere like Spotify and Apple podcasts. In fact, would you please take a minute to help Theo out by favoriting and rating We The Unhoused on Apple podcasts? It will really help people find and benefit from it.

Theo recently rolled his ankle and has been in a lot of additional pain and suffering since. He produces an amazing and crucial program with We The Unhoused. We at IPR wish him fast healing, swift resources, and safety where he is on the West coast.

We’d like to ask you to support Mr. Henderson in producing We The Unhoused by sending donations to patreon.com/wetheunhoused and by sharing his links with everyone you know. Listen to all his episodes. And keep tuning in, because the story keeps coming on.

In Mr. Henderson’s words: May we meet again in the light of understanding.


I may or may not have mentioned recently, I love the USDAC. The US department of arts and culture is not a government agency. From their who page:

‘ The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is a people-powered department—a grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. ‘

Here is a bit of the email they sent me last week…

‘ How do we connect, organize, and deepen community amidst the necessary public health practice of social distancing? How do we combat the spread of isolation, othering, and fear? How do we increase solidarity, mutuality, and community care at this time of social emergency, and use what we learn toward making systemic change?
  One way we can do this is by hosting space for community dialogue, reflection, and meaning-making, and movement-building online.
  The USDAC is partnering with the Poor People’s Campaign to host our sixth annual People’s State of the Union (PSOTU) from March 20th–April 20th. The core element of a PSOTU event is a Story Circle, a powerful and democratic mode of surfacing individual and collective wisdom.
  These events usually take place in person—in living rooms, theaters, community centers, classrooms. But because of the health risks associated with large public gatherings, especially for the most vulnerable folks in our communities, we are calling on our network to host all Story Circles online this year. ‘
 . . . ‘ Learn more about the People’s State of the Union: www.usdac.us/psotu
  Got questions about online Story Circles?: www.usdac.us/psotu2020-faqs
Host an Online #PSOTU2020 Story Circle


My name is Max Morris.

I coordinate ongoing Internet radio programming to connect and support survivors of severity who have been cut off from any assistance or community. 

We are producing an international public health art and advocacy project called Intuitive Public Radio. 

I’m interested to create more multimedia, especially storytelling and sharing opportunities, to connect members of our communities who can’t usually connect. 

I am in Pittsburgh. I’d love to get to know others working on projects like these and offer any support I can. If you are listening to the sound of my voice or reading this text, contact me privately by emailing max@intuitive.pub or visiting Intuitive.social/hello/Max.

Like others in my network, I am severely disabled from experiences I survived before the coronavirus news started. This is another life-changing experience for all of us.

I’ve been documenting measurable recovery and functions I regain when I prioritize connecting collaboratively in caring community. Resonance, kindness, and shared meaning have wondrous health effects.

USDAC has been working to expand awareness and facilitation of story circles, an effort very close to our hearts at IPR.

Intuitive Public Radio has sought to provide story circle context and opportunities to survivors who are not able to join real-time story circles, and may not have a local community they can safely connect with. 

We have also sought to connect many other kinds of communities with the survivors who are members of our community, since many do not know these survivors even exist.

Many of our members have been very sick or severely disabled for years or decades, isolated long-term, cut off from their localities and in-person events, and cut off from online real-time events, too, by their health conditions and extreme circumstances.

Recent events concerning coronavirus have affected them in profound and still too often invisible ways.

If you know of any person or group compiling story circle resources for individuals who are not able to join real-time events or real time Internet meetings, I would love to know about it. We have been working passionately on this for a long time, with hope that we will meet more people already working on it (or wanting to work on it).

If you are listening to our programming and would like to support us, visit Intuitive.community/donations for some ideas how.

You can find our transcripts at Intuitive.pub/text.

Thank you for tuning in!


Max Mo

(That… is me.)


Kazimir DeWolfe
March 17 at 3:22 PM ·
Submissions needed for Quaranzine!
  We are looking for artwork and short written submissions about emerging/emergency issues and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.
  We will be prioritizing submissions from members of marginalized communities who are at greater risk during the coronavirus pandemic and this period of social distancing. (such as homeless individuals, sex workers, LGBTQIA+, disabled folks, folks with chronic illness, mad/neurodivergent/psychiatrically disabled, BIPOC, people who use drugs, prisoners or former prisoners, immigrants, elders/old people…)
  Let us know if you wish to be anonymous.
  Themes and issues we would like to include (other issues welcome!):
• Mutual aid networks during social distancing
Experiences of high risk individuals
  • What the pandemic reveals about various societal structures (capitalism, the state, the healthcare system…)
  • Disability justice during the pandemic
  • Prison abolition
  • Abolition of ICE and concentration camps
  • Racism and xenophobia during the pandemic
  Email submissions to quaranzine.covid@gmail.com by March 30. (shooting for a quick turn-around on this) ‘https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10102380508528759&id=13807556


Here is a special set of headlines from secretly superheroic Intuitive community fermentation…

How to access states of creative healing, rebuild neurological function, and be most kind, patient, and resilient (no matter what).

How to cope when people you care about are dying.

How to diffuse conflict and care for others in challenging community situations.

How to most bravely care for your friends and colleagues when the worst is happening.

How to build strong communities when strong communities are needed most.

How to turn our suffering to strength.


When in a coronavirus pandemic, you want each person to be able to express their needs and ask for help.

Is this correct?

If they can’t and are more affected as a result, they can also be a greater transmission vector in their communities.

Is this correct?

If people in our communities have survived extreme circumstances that made it more physically dangerous to ask for help than to stay quiet… are we going to make sure they’re legitimately most safe to ask for help?

Or are we going to wait for their circumstances to deteriorate, then punish them for not behaving predictably in the way we prefer?

People who are homeless; people who are in poverty; people with disabilities for which they have been unable to receive sufficient support; people at intersections of severe marginalization.

What should they do if their experiences have shown them that asking for help will result in more harm?

When you say to your community, “What do you need?”… do you want to receive true answers?

Asking for a friend.



A plea.
SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2020
‘ Can people please help me?
I have posted this very often before but here it goes again:
  I have been sick for almost 11 years. There are certain symptoms that mark end stage lyme disease. I have had them for a while. I dont know how long I will still live. I have surpassed the odds and my own predictions. But barring a miracle from God, this will of course not continue.
  I have dreams that are my sole reason to live. These dreams are only possible to be achieved through collaboration, and most likely finding financial donors larger than any on my friendslist. These dreams arent solely for my on happiness, they are for the good of the world, like opening centers, or as Meg Morris (Max) calls them, medicinal BnBs, places where multimarginalized people can live and find some healing.
  Now due to the entire current pandemic, more people seem to want to help each other than ever.
  So I am asking, can it finally be made a reality?
  My other dream is I want to get married, and see the love of my life every day.
  I dont want to die without seeing them.
  Its why I held on through unimaginable difficulties.
  I have dreamt of someone like them my entire life and never thought it was possible, but now I know it is.
  Travel, which was already difficult due to accessibility and funding problems, seems even more of a problem now.
  It is beyond bearing on top of everything else I have to deal with.
  So much of my life has been spend in various forms of isolation, because of getting sick, and before then being the only neurodivergent person I knew and not being accepted.
  I just dont want to die in isolation, not having fulfilled my life’s mission.
  This is not just a rant, or a request for funding. This is a plea, to come together to create a travel plan that will be acted upon as soon as it is at all possible to act, and to find all needed resources beyond just funding, to start creating centers; where I am now, where my friends are now, and where I am going. ‘https://www.facebook.com/notes/azine-steenbergen/a-plea/2747018628746179 


Recent listened episodes from all over by folks in IPR East…

We The Unhoused
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  Episode 15: Extraordinary Women – We The Unhoused
  We the unhoused episode 15 promo – YouTube

What is Political Bypass? – Charles Eisenstein Podcast

Scott Simpson’s interview with Jim Gottstein: The Zyprexa Papers – How Big Pharma hid the harm its medication was causing people – Medical Error Interviews

Episode 7: It’s the Water – Outsiders


I would like to invite you to browse our updated Telegram channel directory, which is now a lot more like browsing a website than it ever has been before. https://Intuitive.community/Telegram/view 

This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit us and make gentle friends with those you meet along the way.

  1. My wondrous appreciation for everyone in Telegram messenger development. Thank you for creating something so beautifully usable for me and mine. I couldn’t find anything else that worked, then this. You are superheroes.

(Web link: https://intuitive.community/sharing/2020/03/19/invitation/


Thank you to everyone for supporting one another and even being brave on behalf of one another at this astonishing time. Visit Intuitive.pub/radio and Intuitive.pub/text for links we’ve mentioned and collected. 




Excerpts from March 26, 2020 – Intuitive Public Radio



Waking up, reaching out

I was dead. I didn’t want to wake up. I was dead again and if I could avoid waking up, I could stay dead. Still, silent, and sleeping.

But I woke up and I was alive again.

I don’t know how to say whether it was one death or many. I’m stretching the definition of “death” from common usage. Every heart beat, wing flutter, or vibration of the larynx is many pulses. A day is a month is a year in the life of a stone. I know that I was dead and it would have been better if I’d stayed that way, but I woke up and I was alive again.

Then I stayed very still and silent, because moving was too painful.

I thought, maybe I seem to be alive, but there is nothing here to grow.

But then the spring came.

And something grew.

Green sprouting leaves from seeds I thought were desiccated and void. Green shoots. Christ help me, flower buds. And then I made another picture of the radio and tried to shake the silt out of my head. How can I fathom doing this again? This doesn’t exist in the land of death I was walking in. How am I here? What’s happening?

Here and there, what I can access becomes a little more clear.

Everyone died. The radio died. The network died. I died.

Gut was laid waste; how long did I go without food? I was down to sips of water and then no water at all. (How long? Time has no length in those places.) 

I woke up (perhaps dozens of times) and I was alive.

I thought we were all dead.

Green shoots ferment. There could be a salad. I’m tired of words. I’m tired of dying repeatedly. I don’t want to go through it again. But I’m here. And I seem to be… broadcasting.

My whole experience is different, my self, my body, and the shapes of my brain. None of it is the same. Picking this up again as a new and different person is very strange.


‘ Coronavirus is turning life as we know it upside down, but the realities are different for everyone. And PublicSource wants to hear from you.
  Whether you’re someone in an ‘essential’ job — like a pharmacy worker, healthcare worker or grocery store clerk — or in a situation where your life is being put on hold, whether that’s school, a job or spending time with family members, you can share with PublicSource dispatches from your day or major changes that have occurred in your routine. We can also be your outlet to share concerns as well as positive things happening in your community. With all this social distancing, we’d love to see and/or hear you.
  You can email mila@publicsource.org a note or send photos you’d be ok with us publishing and write in the email about yourself and what the photo(s) represent. We are also able to pair you with a reporter if you’d be up for a conversation.
  You can also contact us at 412-212-6471 and leave a voice message.
  We are also looking for first-person essays: 1) If you have credentials to explain how we, non-experts, should process the impacts COVID-19 is having on healthcare, economy, housing and other aspects of our community, please write to us; 2) if you have a unique experience to share how you are navigating this unprecedented time, we’d love to hear from you.
  Help PublicSource share our community’s story and bring everyone closer together — even by virtual means. We appreciate everyone’s story and hope you and yours are well and safe. ‘


I and a group of others internationally are working on a community strengthening set of art projects referenced collectively as Intuitive Public Radio.

I am isolated with severe disability in Pittsburgh. 

I was born here, developed my career in a few other locations, and then was brought back here by my family after I survived being trafficked as a severely disabled person in Austin Texas.

IPR is a survivor-led initiative to bring the tool sets and expertise of Survivors of Severity directly into community with all others who can benefit.

We have strived for some years to help our projects reach more people in hardship and isolation who have been undeservedly excluded from community resources, so that every person can have somewhere to go for help, for connection, for personhood.

The novel coronavirus has awoken a lot of people, businesses, and organizations to the need for this work. 

My colleagues and I have become ‘accustomed’ to extreme health conditions and dying experiences that go on and on and on. (Almost everyone working together on this project is severely disabled and in threat of their lives on a day-to-day basis, long before the novel coronavirus.) But we have also created resources to support individuals in resilience through trauma, creative healing and recovery, and helping one another to workshop income streams.

Most recently, my digestion was completely shut down and it looked like I was not going to come back.

But it’s springtime, I’m alive, and I’m reading you this message.

Thank you for reaching out. It helps me repair some neurology ✨

Be safe and brave (!),




Waking up, reaching out – Pittsburgh, IPR





Contributor invitation: Restoring resilience in communities experiencing trauma

Are you a trauma survivor who seems to suddenly or repeatedly become a scapegoat to others when your pain threshold is crossed?

If you have had this experience, please accept my invitation to be part of our public radio conversation in order to create solidarity, understanding, and greater community safety for trauma survivors who cannot talk about it on the radio or participate openly.

*Short discussions using phone calls or Zoom video calls. (More options listed below.)
*Recordings will be made using speakerphone on phone calls, unless we have the option of making a clearer recording (with Zoom).
*Stabilizing conversations addressing challenging topics, showing up with our best support, kindness, and patience for one another.

*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more resources for trauma survivors than we had before?
*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more obstacles for trauma survivors than we had before?
*Where do we need increased awareness of the effects of trauma in our daily lives, right now?

If you can join me on a phone call or on a Zoom call to record in real time, please send me a note with your phone number to max@intuitive.pub or message privately via https://Intuitive.pub/helpline. I can also receive private Telegram messages at https://t.me/MaxMorris

To share your thoughts in public broadcast, send a text response by email to: public@intuitive.pub. You can also send a text response at this page: https://Intuitive.pub/broadcast. Send in an audio clip by recording here: https://anchor.fm/Intuitive/message.

Content will be published to Intuitive Public Radio and shared within some hours or days after our conversation. (Due to current adversity, time frames are not exact. Let’s stay in touch so that I can let you know when your segments go up.)

You can send me a private message or ask me questions by emailing max@intuitive.pub or messaging via https://Intuitive.pub/helpline. You can find out more about me on this page: https://Intuitive.social/hello/Max. Please send me additional or repeat messages if you need to in order to get my attention, and my apologies for anything I may miss. I am striving through physical difficulties to create safety and public community resources that can help myself and others.

My previous post with additional context can be found here: https://intuitive.social/2020/03/20/contributors-needed-can-you-help.

This can get better for me and for all of us. Caring participants are greatly appreciated. You have my permission to copy and paste this message to share with others — with my gratitude.

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…to browse our updated Telegram channel directory, which is now a lot more like browsing a website than it ever has been before. https://Intuitive.community/Telegram/view

This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit us and make gentle friends with those you meet along the way.

PS. Wondrous appreciation for everyone in Telegram messenger development. Thank you for creating something so beautifully usable for us and ours. We couldn’t find anything else that worked, then this. You are superheroes.