Kelly Wood writes,

‘ I’ve been living away from my mold infected home for 3 months while it gets remodeled recovering from black toxic mold exposure #stachybotris – I have made a lot of progress but it’s slow going – tomorrow I’m hosting a party to raise awareness for people who’ve been affected by this biological weapon (yes- that’s how they make those!) I’m getting ready for my party & I’m noticing my heart is racing and my skin is burning, could this be from all the excitement over tmrw? Aaah, I wish!! Nope, there’s mold hiding behind the jets causing me to be symptomatic… I’m really upset, how could this happen the day before my event? The difference between myself & most other people is this: I have people that will come pray for me, I have someone making me lunch, I have a husband who go’s to work everyday to pay for my medical bills, I have medicines at home to help me detox and I get to go sit in. Infrared Sauna later ….. u see most people don’t have these luxuries, so that’s why I’m hosting this shin-dig ….. join us tmrw evening to celebrate the fact that I’m still alive and let raise awareness and support for people that aren’t as fortunate …. much love

This is Morgan Faulkner
She is my dear friend living in a tent in the middle of nowhere because her health problems are so severe she’s practically lost everything
Well it’s going to be restored back to her .. proceeds from the party go straight to her ❤️❤️❤️ see ya tmrw night ❤️
RSVP’s are appreciated ❤️❤️ ‘