Who picked the very most challenging problem she could get her paws on? THIS gal.

A few weeks back on t.me/NotesOnRefuge we discussed collaborative infrastructure for survivors of severe environmental conditions — illnesses, traumas, & extreme adversity. From that episode:

We are continuing that conversation this morning — with audio recorded since then. If you’d like to contribute, we’ll be adding audio all day. You can leave us messages via Telegram in t.me/NotesOnRefuge or from the Anchor FM app on your smartphone at anchor.fm/NotesOnRefuge in order to participate “live on the air.”

We are alive, and we are intent on the subject of AIR.

Here is the beginning of our episode, which we will be updating all day.

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We’ll see u there. <3

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If you don’t know where else to turn, well, we didn’t either. So we made some spacetime.

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We are raising up the very conversations we all most need
in the terrible violence, chaos, meaning,
& possibility of our present age.

thanks for doing this work with us.

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