Following are details that begin to catch you up on the status of core helpers, organizers, and space  professionals in the network moving in or out of extreme physical consequences on a daily basis in order to assist Intuitive communities, individuals in need, and allied environments.

Our particular support for these helpers protects and establishes safer, more complete access to the resources in their care.

Once essential aggregate infrastructure and knowledgebase resources are more accessible to the public, these helpers can achieve physical safety, stabilization, recovery, and connection of critical sustaining nourishment across communities.

Thank you for your help.



More about Max.



More about Michón.



More about Azine.

Visit Azine’s page at Intuitive Social Giving:

Gofundme can be found at

Brendan is also funneling emergency life-saving resources to Azine via


Zia • Communications down, extreme need.

James • Communications down, extreme need.

Brendan • Communications down, funneling emergency life-saving resources to Azine.

Aimé • Fire dangers, west coast.