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Nearing Austin Texas

Jan 16, 2021. Nearing Austin Texas; I remember walking through neighborhoods where I knew I should not come too close, and I sometimes wonder if that’s how my body feels about all of Austin now in the flow of memory. But it isn’t only Austin. It is many more places and fond designations needs must be part of courageous conversations.—-@maxmorris, @maxmoradio—Max—0—20210116-ep2ft4 

—20210116-171635, 🌊✨


Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community

Join our next Intuitive Community Gathering this coming Wednesday, November 25, 2020 and more opportunities in days following.

Register here for ongoing updates to our gathering calendar: Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community (November 25, 2020 @ 12p – 2p ET) 

Register here to join us this Wednesday and for our upcoming Intuitive Community Gatherings: Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community (November 25, 2020 @ 12p – 2p ET)

Intuitive Community Gatherings

Intuitive Community Gatherings provide us with opportunities to share meals and music, workgroup together on our chosen platforms, share publicly, and support one another in taking next steps together — as community. 12 pm – 2 pm Eastern workgroup 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern pre-recording or livestream 3 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern closing words, prayer, & next steps 3:30 pm Eastern afterparty (Visit this facebook post for additional information.) Our collaborative efforts and the public media content we create center the needs, nourishments, and life-saving solutions of severely disabled, multiply marginalized, violently intersectionalized survivors of trauma and hardship. Our currently scheduled Intuitive Community Gatherings include… September 4, 2020 September 5, 2020 September 12, 2020 September 17, 2020 September 30, 2020 October 10, 2020 October 13, 2020 October 26, 2020 November 8, 2020 November 14, 2020 November 21, 2020 December 4, 2020 December 12, 2020 December 17, 2020 December 30, 2020 Remember to browse our asynchronous workgroups at for more opportunities to connect, strengthen community, and support one another. If you’d like to explore survivor-led consulting and facilitation, visit and Stay up to date by checking in at

Helpers & Professionals Promote Life-Saving Survivor-Led Projects

[Forwarded from 🔊 @IntuitivePublicRadio • Intuitive Public Media • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR •••]

We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis.

We need your help!

Please comment on this post or send a private message to this page (tip: there is a button at the bottom right corner you can reach us with). We will include you in whatever way you need so that you can most fully participate.

Please share this post prolifically.

Thank you for your kindness, courage, and collaboration in the amazing resilience of this community.

More about the group that is working now, in need of participants:

We are helping one another learn how to engage diplomatic outreach to businesses and organizations producing resources (such as medications) that are needed at intersections of violent multi-marginalization where they are immediately life-saving and provide substantial community relief.

Our process is focused to catalyse greater awareness, build trust, and establish ongoing relationships so that support and resourcing can flow more easily through all our communities.

Our efforts employ marketing professionalism and human-centric networking expertise where it occupies the same space as sustainable community nourishment and respect for living beings.

These skill sets directly benefit ANY and ALL income-generating projects.

If you want to practice professional skills of any kind (hit us up with your brainstorm, bet we’ll say yes), this is an excellent opportunity to volunteer on behalf of a community member in need and simultaneously increase your own inherent capacities to achieve goals like these.


* Please share this post widely and repeatedly in every way, including multimedia versions as needed and copy+paste.

* We crucially need people on Telegram messenger, our network disability aid. If you can install and use it, you do us a profound service by communicating with us there.

* We crucially need EXISTING PROFESSIONALS in and around our networks to recognize and get involved with these efforts, as all our active members currently are severely disabled and experiencing physical extremity.

* We need people able to type; think in numbers; use a business brain; make simple phone calls with scripts; send emails; make web pages; express their support in their own authentic way; cheer us on; signal boost with stickers and emoticons; other needs also, not yet included on this list (do suggest).

* We need people to care that this is happening, to engage with this effort consistently, to know that when we work together none of us are helpless, and to center the fact that we have known solutions — right now, immediately.

Please help us implement these solutions right away by reaching out to us.

Email, comment on this post, or send this page a private message.

You might also friend or private message Max, whose info can be found here.

You rock so hard for reading all of this.

Thank you for following up. Blessings!


Gallery of August 8-13, 2020

From Mx Max Meg Morris, this time-sensitive request: Please send us your response after reading the following text. Thank you for your time, kindness, and meaningful attention. 🌿🌻🌿🌿
Assist safety, artistic expansion, resource creation, & #disabilityinclusion: 💸🌿
Hello there. 🙂 If you are enjoying my art, would you please take a moment to donate a few dollars to
I do not have shoes or clothes in order to cover myself to go outside, or reliably safe food, which compounds my already #severedisabilities.
I have an exhausting list of long needed emergency medical supplies without which I experience increasingly extreme physical symptoms and risk of suddenly showing up dead, including the very real risk of slipping back into total digestive failure and / or systems of human trafficking on a daily (torturous) basis.
I do not have the assistance I crucially need. It has not let up in a very long time; it is very intense and very scary.
You can help me easily.
Please keep reading.
Because we are at that other people (including professionals) are not aware of or accurately informed about, my co-workers and I listen to one another die every day — horribly — while non-disabled people seem to somehow miss that this is happening (and often lash out at us or disappear when we try to show them our most effective solutions).
We need allies, communications support, and collaborative community relationships.
We need daily conversations on these subjects with people who are not disabled — and right away.
My coworkers are variously homeless, severely ill, being trafficked, violently intersectionalized, and being unconscionably tortured every single day by needless denial of healthcare resources, exclusion from community, and for lack of a greater public media conversation that centers and acknowledges them.
They are the most brilliant, creative, ingenious, resilient, Earth-restoring community professionals you will ever meet in your entire life.
But you won’t hear more from them if we can’t get attention and assistance, especially in regards to collaboratively created community income streams.
Every day that my resource clock for physical survival is ticking down, the same thing goes for me.
I would like us to stick around on this planet and keep doing the work we’re doing. 🙂
Please remember that for us, this has been going on since long before covid; because of covid, it has significantly worsened.
Thankfully, there is something easy you can do about it. 🌿
Help me raise awareness of this. ✨🌞✨
Make me an offer or ask me if we can brainstorm the best way for you to offer (effortless!) support.
Please don’t pass this by. The nourishment of it is a tremendous gift.
Comment here to show me you’ve seen this.
Tell me how I can help you take action.
Thank you for reading.
Thank you for responding.

Sustaining a flame

This is a post by Zia from Austin —– identifying myself using this composite name in order to more safely speak with the collective voice that includes myself and others who are living endeavoring at similar violent intersections.

In private Intuitive work groups we are talking here lately about CC – – – cultural competency, cultivating creativity, and consciousness of consent (!!) it has started raining very hard here. I am lucky to be inside. Lots of others aren’t.

Max M. E. Morris and myself as well as others have worked compiling resources for others surviving intersections of human trafficking in compassionate, creative communities that often have no idea trafficking is happening in their vicinity.

Friends of ours are in Austin, New York, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, and lots more places we should go on keep naming. Cc — consent, culture, communication, compassion – has important things to do with vulnerable friends being safe to create and collaborate. We are glad to be sustaining this Intuitive Public Flame. We wish for more Burners In Service to join us to make communities safe for trauma survivors.

We’re alive kicking and many wonderful things are just beginning.

Keep gentle powerful heart light candle flame burning.

Two Tires, Channel Poetry

Dream For Healing, Intuitive Community Intuitive Community hosts this ongoing physical recovery session: Channel Poetry. To channel poetry is to free the expressive repair functions of our physical bodies.Donate to Support Channel Poetry via PayPal here.

Learn to channel poetry in supportive community activities and gatherings. Honor your ancestors and the ancestors of our spaces.

Uphold respect for indigeneity and those who have dedicated their lives to that respect. Lift the voices of your stories together and individually, with strength. Create an environment of collaborative well-being, safe for the healing of dreaming. Thank you for tuning to this channeling. Channel Poetry, Healing Dreaming

‘ ‘ ; ‘ ;; ” * Today’s Mission * ” ;; ‘ ; ´´

Today we are gathering to perform our channeled poetry and artistic expression to support the following crucial community fundraising…
Update: In the process of returning the moving truck, the tire blew out! Then another tire blew out. We ask for your assistance raising $110 for the tow and $150 for two tires, which makes a total of $260. Help protect the safety of our community members by donating what you can here. Donors receive prioritized Intuitive community consultations, facilitation, and knowledgebase assistance, including Embodied Practice sessions offered by Michon and Emergent Income Facilitation sessions offered by Max. (Previous update can be found here & here.)
You are invited to…

Get Involved

Donate funds directly to support our featured mutual aid effort in support of Michón Neal by visiting this PayPal link. Submit your poetry and other artistic expressions by joining the IPR Emergent group on Facebook and posting your media there, #ChannelPoetry & #GiftsForMichon. You may also email, record an audio message at, or record audio for a link to share with us using — once received, we will amplify your share publicly. For updates on Michón Neal’s endeavoring and continuing work, follow posts at The Metanoiac Portal Facebook page, at @TheMetanoiacPortal on Telegram messenger, at, and For more co-creative Eisteddfod performances and gatherings organized by the Intuitive Social Welsh community, explore and Please also read and share this post at The Metanoiac Portal on Facebook. . . . Also follow: | | | |

Supported by Survivors of Severity at Intuitive Invisible, The Metanoiac Portal, Intuitive Social Welsh, Intuitive Emergent, Gut Media, Intuitive Story, and more survivor led projects across our Intuitive community network.

The Metanoiac Portal, Intuitive Community Eisteddfod, and the IPR Mystery Broadcast Present: >> Would you like to know the mullings of somatic minds ? Our kind of Welsh Eisteddfod is this care-full kind : A competition not for ribbons, prestige, or rankings, but rather : to increasingly respectfully honor our own emergent natures in relationship with one another. <<

Intuitive.Community asks: ‘ In your culture and in your lived experience, how have you and your ancestors embodied the expressive fullness of emergent healing dreaming? ‘

Have you caught this carbon copy?

Have you caught this carbon copy?

Hello all. This is Max.

We at Intuitive Public Media are considering the intersections of a number of crucial conversations going by the initials “c.c.” — the creative clout of media privilege where it is most needed in severely affected, violently intersectionalized communities; the as-yet-untold stories of my professional history with Adobe and their Creative Cloud software — and how that software and media community support is now being (wonderfully) extended to more marginalized co-creators through the Crip Camp Adobe Fellowship.

(Aside, re: above fellowship: If you need help submitting your application the way I have needed help submitting mine, I’ll support you in any way I can — email me at The more applications submitted, the better!)

We have compiled mailing campaigns and letter draft templates in our Intuitive community knowledgebase which support survivors of severe marginalization and disability in restoring their social authority through collaborative self-advocacy on public multimedia platforms. These efforts are most greatly needed where we can prevent premature death, human trafficking, and suicidality.

Over and over we are asking — figuratively and literally — who else should we Cc?

Particularly, we need the help of non-disabled groups, individuals, and professional networks. We need your help, too. We need these conversations raised inclusively by all who wish to extend the privilege of community belonging to those excluded and needlessly suffering.

How do we ensure we include
survivors of severe disability
when we connect creatively
to make meaningful media
in caring community?

More insights will follow in the next Cc.

Thanks for reading.


Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris
& Intuitive Public Media

MaxMoRadio Broadcast Poetry

MaxMoRadio Broadcast Poetry: Physically Healing Expressions of July 16, 2020 (12 Lizard, Said the Ancient Mayans)

Today, Intuitive Community Channel Poetry ( presents these MYSTERY INSTRUCTIONS to relieve suffering and restore strength in this and in all communities:

0. CONTEMPLATE a unique poetic offering, such as this one.
MaxMoRadio Broadcast Poetry: Physically Healing Expressions of July 16, 2020 (12 Lizard, Said the Ancient Mayans) 🔊✨

Poetry by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris (@megmorris23, @mxmaxmettamo),

1. REFLECT on the meaning of this experience as part of your day.

2. SHARE your sense of this nourishment with others — particularly, with the creator of the poetry or poetry-like piece (poetry-like-peace) you contemplated.

3. REPOST this message so that more community members will benefit and be invited to participate.

4. Please also AMPLIFY our poetry page with a donation link that supports this effort:

5. CREATE a piece — or find a piece you’ve already created — to share with us. It can be absolutely anything: Text, Audio, Video, Imagery, or Any Other Creation. What will it be? (Include these instructions to help others support you. If you have one, make sure to include your own information-or-donation link.)

6. FEEL THIS GOOD FEELING, having responded to the creative healing, artfulness, and meaning expressed by your community members. Feel that you have a place to share your creative healing with others, too — to talk about, benefit from, and learn to better understand.

7. REALIZE THIS CRUCIAL ADVANTAGE: For each of us, safely sharing our art and dreaming directly increases resilience and physical recovery. Sharing and receiving dreams and creations with kindness toward one another is important community magic. (You may even discover that you’re quite good at it.)

Find more dreamy community healing at

Intuitive Community Channel Poetry

Find more about Intuitive Community Channel Poetry by visiting: https://Intuitive.Community/Channel/Poetry 

Heal The Body : Channel Poetry

Intuitive Community hosts this ongoing physical recovery session. To channel poetry is to free the expressive repair functions of your physical body.

Learn to channel poetry in supportive community activities and gatherings. Honor your ancestors and the ancestors of our spaces. Uphold respect for indigeneity and those who have dedicated their lives to that respect.

Lift the voices of your stories together and individually, with strength. Create an environment of collaborative well-being, safe for the healing of dreaming. Thank you for tuning to this channeling.

Also follow:

Supported by Survivors of Severity at Intuitive Invisible, The Metanoiac Portal, Intuitive Social Welsh, Intuitive Emergent, Gut Media, Intuitive Story, and more survivor led projects across our Intuitive community network.


Assistance Request, Intuitive Public Media


INTUITIVE PUBLIC MEDIA is looking for someone (multiple someones) who can help us create super simple basic landing pages in WordPress, each with a single field MailChimp email newsletter subscription form. 

Then we also need help testing MailChimp, please.

This effort assists us in connecting survivor-led projects in the Intuitive community knowledgebase with our public platforms in order to (swiftly!) get life-saving resources to those who most need them.

Can you please share this request and ask people you know to volunteer?


Please amplify this message.

Thank you.

—Max Mo

Find more IPR bulletins at:

Intuitive Community Juice

Today on this Intuitive Public Radio of June 17, 2020…

Intuitive Community Juice is establishing necessary kitchen access, support, and equipment to multiply-marginalized, severely disabled people, especially in communities of color affected by environmental contaminants.

In the context of our Intuitive community network, this resourcing radically reduces and reverses racial health disparities across all communities.

As survivors and their families are strengthened by safe food after debilitative injury and illness, they gain economic independence and regenerate new and better (and as you know, urgently needed) resources for teaching cross-community cultural competence and racial justice.

Intuitive Public Media stands ready to help survivors build their own professional platforms at request, to amplify and respectfully interconnect their lived expertise across the Intuitive community network — especially where they can create ongoing income streams.

We recommend this:

Restore self-led recovery, creative expression, and economic freedom to communities of trauma and hardship. 

(Our favorite Intuitive Community Juice recipe!)

This effort is sponsored by Notes on RefugeIntuitive Public Radio Pittsburgh, and this Intuitive Social Kitchen.

Thank you for listening!

Find more IPR bulletins at:

May 28, 2020


This is Max Megan Elizabeth Morris and Intuitive Public Radio.

I began writing this message May 27, 2020, and today is May 28, 2020.

I keep an audio journal. Processwork, expressing sound, listening, and audio together are deeply integrated for me since forever, as far as I can remember.

Upcoming in this breadth of northeastern Springtime is a series of community opportunities presented by the Process Work Institute, Processwork Online, and wonderful others — in which I am (stunned, gobsmacked, full of song) grateful to be participating.

This follows on the heels of more group work I have been very lucky to connect to, feeling increasing yearning to broadcast about: For instance…

May 21, I participated in a Transforming Body Image workshop led by Eugene, Oregon’s Amy Palatnick toward understanding, compassion, and deep acceptance of all parts, including spontaneously synchronous (amazing, and *continuing*) birdshit blessings. This epic experience is immortalized in my paper notes currently at on Flickr. (Am I going to change that URL later? I probably will. Not quite yet though.)

Amy Palatnick’s Facebook page has more on her workshops and URLs. Please find and support her work at, on Instagram @Amy.Palatnick, and

Though we at Intuitive Public Media have had IPR production paused since March 25-or-so (re: #severity, #disabilities) and there is wonderful content waiting to air when that production pause is done, I am going ahead with direct publishing of daily audio notes to our broadcast podcast archives at and our other podcast platforms.

As frequently as I am successful, you can follow my progress at and

I think we will figure out the flow of it.

For all time and in times like these, the work called process work deserves my highest recommendation. If your heart resonates for dreaming together in a way that heals community, here are a few ways you can learn more about it.

May 28, today, 2020, I am looking forward to Emetchi’s 9am Pacific (noon Eastern) trauma-informed Processwork oriented learning adventure offered through the Process Work Institute.

The efforts and offerings of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon can be found at

Also today, Joe Bartholomew is talking with Paul Levy at 11:30am Pacific (2:30pm Eastern), whose work has been important to me through years of intense experiences and hardship.

This Saturday, May 30, is the Process Work Institute’s New World Leader-Facilitator Training Seminar with Arny & Amy Mindell, a blessing so particular for me, for a moment I will let my verbal function drop away with utter grace.

Though I’ve reached my typing-for-talking threshold for the moment, I haven’t mentioned it all. Even more freely available resources are coming up in subsequent days.

The efforts and offerings of Processwork Online, with members in Toronto, can be found at, where there are two free Internet seminars coming up June 8th and more events scheduled through the end of the year.

Processwork Online also has a Facebook page, with an attached Facebook group where learners and practitioners are welcome. The Processwork Online Facebook page and group are linked at the top of and at the bottom of

All of these links can be found in today’s post at with more soon in our broadcast documents linked from

There are many more resources for process work available; and deeply related, conversations about the methodology called Open Dialogue, we’ll mention some days soon.

If you need help getting involved or practicing process work in community, please reach out to me.

If you’re looking for spur-of-the-moment opportunities, we are dropping links and more information in public Telegram channels, which you can browse to at the following addresses: — we’ve got such a nourishing conference vibe going now, with multitudinous event offerings from so many different organizations — and

More earth-loving dreambody notes from this daily audio journal, upcoming. ✨🐆✨

This is Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris. Thanks for tuning your tuners to Intuitive Public Radio.


Today is full of important dreaming. And the dreaming started many days (many years) ago, it seems…

Emetchi with the Process Work Institute led us through a process of dreaming answers to our questions about covid-19, our challenges as individuals and communities, and our dreaming of the path of humanity.

My notes are here.

I’m not going to change that Flickr address, because it won’t let me. But in retrospect, that isn’t the only reason. It was a weird experience to have shared Internet handles with Megan Fox, when partners of mine behaved in such curious ways having to do with Megan Fox. All of that appears to go much deeper than I’m mentioning. But it was something from the outside reaching me in a strange, toxic way. Releasing all elements of toxicity, I suddenly remember why I chose that handle in the first place and what “worldmegan” originally meant to me.

Now affected by trauma, certainly, but not erased or eliminated.

Even the remnants are seeds.

They can grow back green.

While processing my relationship with the distant person who is Megan Fox, and my relationship with the many and varied people who are fans of her efforts, I feel how conflicted her environment may be. If that’s the case, I hope she finds refuge from it.

There are more conversations here I’m not ready to have yet.

But some days soon, we will have them.

rec-20200528-140518 Broadcast Stage – May 28, 2020

From May 26-27, 2020:

Hello there! I prefer to be called Max — a short form of my full name, Megan Elizabeth Morris.

Between 2013 and 2019, I sustained ongoing neurological injuries, death experiences, and severe physiological disability due to multi-marginalization, severe environmental illness, and toxic injury. I became a survivor of human trafficking, crossed international borders in desperation for safety, and was homeless for 3 years.

Through Intuitive community efforts and the tool sets I and others have built together, I have brought myself back from repeated fatal digestive failures using broad-spectrum, bioavailable food nutrient combinations through organic greens, green and low glycemic vegetables, fresh herbs and roots like turmeric and ginger, garlic, and other medicinal whole food ingredients. 

Collaborating with other Survivors of Severity, I have built a network of public platforms centering survivors of severe trauma and hardship in regenerating caring, self-healing communities.

Through these platforms, severely disabled people are extending caring community to other severely disabled people — growing roots, leaves, and branches of personal empowerment, embodied practice, economic independence, regenerative (and accessible!) community resources, self-led physical healing, and effective, interconnected recovery.

We have compiled private access documentation in what is called the Intuitive Community Knowledgebase, the vast collective work of severely disabled members of our network in day-to-day life threatening situations. 

We preserve their efforts amidst each individual’s obliterative neurological damage or environmental extremity so that their lived experience and expertise, over time and recovery, can become their ideal source of professional income generation and economic stability.

My work as part of Intuitive Public Media is in building and sharing professional multimedia tool sets to restore media privilege, representation, and access to survivors of severe conditions. We also broadcast to and are included in the programming of Intuitive Public Radio.

All Intuitive Public Media’s documentation is part of the Intuitive Community Knowledgebase, accessible through conversations and community relationships with members of our team.

If you’d like to browse some of our publicly shared resources for more projects like Intuitive Public Media, jump into the Intuitive community Telegram channel directory found here:  

Beyond concierge access, our public knowledgebase web pages are now being built. 

To be notified when we publish them for all to access, join the Intuitive mailing list here. [ ]

Please consider donating some of what you have to support the astonishing results we are achieving and join us in growing this life-saving infrastructure. Here is the link to click:

May 27, 2020

For abled individuals and those with income, Intuitive community membership is based on a sliding-scale donation. 

Contribute using the options at, then send a message to and ask the next step for getting involved.

Zero money? We provide free membership support and inclusive access assistance for all self-identified Survivors of Severity. (Some, not all, of the intersections relevant to Survivors of Severity can be found on this page.)

If you need a specific way of participating more fully, email and together we’ll create a solution.

Thank you for connecting. 🌿

Radiostream Line-Up

The following podcast episodes from March 13-15 have been playing on 24/7 rotation at since April 25, 2020. We are updating the rotation today — May 4, 2020 — so if you haven’t yet listened to this line-up, you can find them all at

🌿 Transceiving Survivors of Severity MaxMoRadio, IPR  The first broadcast as we were discovering what parts of the body had capacity of function.
🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity MaxMoRadio, IPR  A venturing into poetic experience from out the extremity of winter scarcity.
🌿 Bravely brought Intuitive Public Radio  Here is how we learn, choose, and come to believe in what we’ve built, what it can do.
🌿 The Feeling of Striving Emergent, IPR  There are many different kinds of experience we are integrating, and many different kinds of beings any one of us might happen to be.
🌿 Intuitive Public Radio MaxMoRadio, IPR  I wonder what we broadcast in this episode… 

Next line-up coming shortly. Our list will be updated soon at the top of

Why Loneliness is a Public Health Issue

‘ When we think about health, we usually think about diet and exercise. We think about the things we are doing for our physical body to promote wellness. But what about the things we can’t see?

Relationships are a big one. And we now know that loneliness and social isolation are as dangerous for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! That’s an incredible comparison; one that hopefully puts into perspective how vital healthy relationships and human connection are to our wellbeing and longevity.

Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I talk with Dr. Vivek Murthy about nurturing greater connection and what it means for our health.

In 2017, Dr. Murthy focused his attention on chronic stress and loneliness as prevalent problems that have profound implications for health, productivity, and happiness. His book Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World was just published on April 28th.

Some of us might wonder how we break out of a rut of loneliness—as busy adults this can sometimes feel especially difficult. Dr. Murthy walks us through some really simple ways to get more connected. Service is one way, which actually stimulates the reward center of the brain and promotes feel-good chemicals. That means devoting some time to helping others in one way or another is actually beneficial to our own personal wellness goals.

Another step we can take is committing just ten to fifteen minutes a day to talking to someone we love, which is a powerful way to keep ourselves happy and connected during this time of coronavirus quarantine. Pick up the phone, schedule a video call, or sit down with someone in your family and have a real conversation (without the distraction of screens) about what’s going on with you. Chances are if you open up, they will too, and you’ll both be healthier for it.

Instead of thinking of just the right inputs for health, I invite you to think about what you can give back and how you can reach out to others. ‘

Why Loneliness Is A Public Health Issue

Poverty Amidst Pandemic

‘ Long before coronavirus hit, medical care in prisons was substandard. Conditions inside and the land many prisons are on is toxic. Many facilities are old, dilapidated and unsanitary…I hear about black mold, brown water and food unfit for consumption. The combination of conditions and prisoners increased susceptibility to chronic illnesses brings us beyond crisis to extreme urgency.

– Shandre Delaney, Pennsylvania (Human Rights Coalition – Fed Up!) ‘

Poverty Amidst Pandemic: Everybody’s Got A Right to Live Digital Mass Meeting includes testifiers from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan shining ‘ a light on the plight, fight and insight of those leading this movement, and how crucial this work is during the double pandemic of COVID-19 and systemic poverty. ‘

Joined by PPC Co-Chairs Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II & Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, and Special Guests Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and Dr. Sharelle Barber of the PPC’s COVID-19 Health Justice Advisory Committee.

Seedlings – April 25, 2020 – May 1, 2020

Update: Today’s Intuitive Public Story Circle livestream opens at 1:30pm Eastern, and the circle will begin at about 2pm Eastern.

For information about this event, our ongoing IPR story circle, and collaboration with the USDAC, the Poor People’s Campaign, and the People’s State of the Union (#PSOTU), read & RSVP here.

Click here to find out more about our ongoing Intuitive Public Story Circle.

What is planted now, and about to sprout?

Find our live working transcript document here — including today’s livestream broadcast links and links for any community member to join us live, on-camera — and (always) at the top of (If you are available to help us transcribe, please email

Thank you for please supporting these survivor-led, community strengthening efforts by making a donation that is possible for you at No one is (ever) turned away for lack of funds. Every day we are building inclusive, accessible alternatives to monetary commerce so that all can participate in restoring health to our diverse economies. 

What do you need in order to grow what you’ve planted? What recovery is possible for you — if your community intuitively listens to you?

Thank you for sharing in these collaborative gardens with us.

Intuitive Public Music – April 24, 2020

Previous notes:

Livestream shortly, 10:55am Eastern this morning — if all goes well! (And truly, it might. [Edit: It did.]) This morning’s livestream included Max & Azine+ with the WAHA (Gentle) Jam Band, and more Three Rivers Thunder, featuring David Esch’s heartbeat drumming.

Next livestream happening at 8:55pm Eastern, April 24, 2020, broadcasting from IPR Pittsburgh and IPR East. Follow this live broadcast document which you can also always find at the top of

Collaborations upcoming: We’re about to find out. Happy 7 Crocodile day.

Keep tuning in. 🌻🌿

Morning session, 10:55a – 12p Eastern

Evening session, 8:55p – 9:39p Eastern


In Covid Limbo – We The Unhoused (Episode 19)

** We the Unhoused ** with Theo Henderson, Episode 19: In Covid Limbo

Watch, listen, & support!

Thank you to Mr. Henderson for his awesome work. IPR East, IPR West and our whole Intuitive community network wishes him safety and success! 🌻🌿

Relief, Hope, & Light – April 20-23, 2020

🌿 Relief, Hope, & Light – April 20-23, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
  Please feel encouraged to join us on Zoom or Streamyard during our livestreams via each day’s Livestreaming & Meeting Links, Notes, & Transcripts for this broadcast. The document for this broadcast is here: 🌿 🌿🌿

April 22 livestream:

April 23 livestream:

  Previous livestreams…
🌿 🌿🌿
🌿 🌻🌿

Coming up soon at
🌿 Art, links, excerpts, & Internet radio transmissions from MaxMoRadio, Intuitive Social Horror (in the Shadowbag), Spontaneous Cosmology, Notes on Refuge, and across the Intuitive community network

Just published at
🌿 Broadcast Room – April 13-19, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
🌿 IPR Pittsburgh & the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum CirclePittsburgh, IPR
Max & Evan, Broadcast Room (unedited, complete livestream) – April 18, 2020 – Intuitive Public Radio

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IPR Pittsburgh & the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum Circle

As part of our April 13-19, 2020 Wrap Festivities, IPR Pittsburgh participated in the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum Circle. Excerpts from our contributions — broken guitar, broken recording equipment, enough strength to really shake it, and a glorious time. Drum beat by David Esch (thank you!). More to come.

See more about April 13-19 in this blog post.

Intuitive Public Story Circle

Intuitive Public Story Circle

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Broadcast Room – April 13-19, 2020

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🌿 Ideaschemapocalypse, Emergent Birth ProcessShadowbag, IPR
🌿 Excerpts from March 26, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
🌿 Waking up, reaching outPittsburgh, IPR
🌿 Excerpts from March 18, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
🌿 Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020)Notes on Refuge, IPR
🌿 Resolution in Conversation & Power as a GiftIntuitive Public Radio
🌿 In SpringIntuitive Public Media, IPR
🌿 Transceiving Survivors of SeverityMaxMoRadio, IPR
🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricityMaxMoRadio, IPR
🌿 Bravely broughtIntuitive Public Radio
🌿 The Feeling of StrivingEmergent, IPR
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Broadcast Room – April 11, 2020

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(0) “System overload…” & piano flourishes from Gwynfyd (Home of the Heart); “Write or broadcast this: Wealthy people knew about covid-19…”; “We are a network of individuals who…”; New babies; Intuitive Public Intersections; and Survivors of Severity;

(1) Audio samples from Gwynfyd (Home of the Heart) and music-making;

(2) Audio samples from Gwynfyd (Home of the Heart) and music-making; Some Glitch Heaven; System Overload; Neurological Effect (What’s That?); Eisteddfodau; Max & Azine, Maritime; Waniya Locke & Morgan M. Page; Staying Home & Staying Healthy; Jim Gottstein, PsychRights, Eli Lilly, & The Zyprexa Papers; Questioning corporate gaslighting;

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Broadcast Room – April 8, 2020

Following on our April 5 conversation with Rob Talbert at Intuitive Social Horror, Michón Neal joins today’s broadcast room to talk with Max about embodied movement, resilience and recovery amidst trauma, and hir book Lilith: In the Time of Toba.

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Broadcast Room – April 4, 2020

[Douglas Rushkoff is speaking with Helena Norberg-Hodge on the Team Human podcast. Max Morris has been listening to this and other audio while preparing food in the kitchen and organizing to get her needs met for the day. The supportive neurological impact is measurable and — though she can almost never do this — she picks up the guitar and plays something. And sings something! This is astonishing and delightful, as so many encounters with caring community can be. Thank you to Douglas Rushkoff, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Team Human for the very real neurological repair (and morale boost).]

[Max sings with frayed, snapped, & yet functional guitar strings…]

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, Oooo
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, Oooo

This needs to be a cheerier song.

[Chord change — something like A minor changed to A major, amidst continuing intermittent dissonance.]

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, Oooo

[Max gets up to stop the podcast player. She stabs a finger toward the screen and says, “That… is really awesome.” She means the Team Human podcast and the wonderful people who appear in it. She sits down and starts playing (!) the guitar again. Tuneful dissonance. Max sings…]

Team Human is awe-some. (It is!)
Team Human is awesome. Awesome.
(…that’s a little better.)

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, -maceuticals, -maceuticals…

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals…

[Max speaks while vamping guitar strings:]

Thank you to Douglas Rushkoff and Team Human, which you should search for if you use or… or almost any podcast platform.


[Guitar continues, and Max sings:]

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Neurons, I love you. Ooooo…

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, -maceuticals, -maceuticals, Oooo

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
They’ll give you healthy crisp
 and happy little vegetables
(… vegetables… vegetables…)

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
(No wonder you can’t finish the song…)
(… are we doing something wrong?…)

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, -maceuticals, -maceuticals

[Max turns off the camera.]


“Wash off your pesticides with pharmaceuticals…”

Welcome, brave listeners, to this Intuitive Public Radio broadcast room recording. Stop by; say hi. Listen to what I’m listening to in ambient time-space. Thank you for joining us in this real-time radio resonance compartment. 

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[singing with the layered echoes of the Internet A/V signal]

Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals
Wash off your pesticides
With pharmaceuticals, -maceuticals, -maceuticals


Azine shared the following. Please find direct links to her posts at, at the top of the page:   Coming up…   Broadcast Room – April 4, 2020 Intuitive Public Radio


Old Problems, Newfound Hopes.
‘ Can anyone give me an example of a country’s government that isnt now more cruel than usual to refugees, to Indigenous peoples, to houseless people, to disabled people, to the very young& the very old, to the working class and the financially destitute?
  That isnt using this time to push laws and changes that otherwise its people would have opposed by the thousands? Like privacy breaches, authoritarian coups, attacks on rights of minorities, or killing people; by state gun violence, desk murderers, or simply lack of care (with fulfilling the basics like food aid and medical care) and defunding into death…
  If you cant find a single country without these fatal responses, then please consider that government is part of the problem.
  Have you noticed the increase in mutual aid, the human instinct of looking out for each other, and how phenomenal it is? How many lives have been saved by solidarity, in these times and in ages past?
  What if we just continued to live that way?
  I hope that then more problems will be solved, up until the moment we dissolve the kyriarchy, and then in the era beyond.
  Wouldnt that be wonderful?
  (Title because this has always been my stance, but I amidst the draconian rules and catastrophes, I am seeing more and more people with newfound hopes and vision for better world) ‘
🌿 🌿🌿
Images: 🌿


By, published on March 19, 2020; Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto.

Aime Lilithe Graves published this on Telegram and it’s been traveling from channel to channel. Find these original messages at

Please visit to read their page and support their work. Excerpts…

Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto

Thank you for visiting to read their full page and support the work they’re doing. You can follow more related links from our messages at and for April 4, 2020. 


I meant to read excerpts from the above link, but — as happens at times — the energy in my body said that reading it all out loud was the best way for me to absorb it effectively.

Often, I only get the first reading. I’m glad I read this.

Thank you Aime Lilithe for posting it.



Broadcast Room – April 4, 2020Intuitive Public Radio

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Max & Evan Discuss Intuitive Community

E: [28:56] I think we actually do have some — I probably won’t get all of them, but we do have some basic principles here…

E: …One that I was communicating on a mutual aid group yesterday is: Burnout. In other words, do not make yourself the only point of contact for someone with constant needs.

M: That’s so important. 

E: Thank you.
  Because what happens, no matter how much you care, you will eventually run out of the ability to help them — and if you’ve made yourself their only point of contact, that will eventually result in you abandoning them when they’re dependent on you and leaving them to find another person to help them. 

M: Well that’s why we need a community that is interconnected and can communicate effectively with one another and are listening intuitively…
  Oh! I may have bullet points! They’re just like they’re seeds. All the green growth got burned away by death and destruction, but the seeds are here, so… the more I belly laugh, which I’ve done a few times on this call, the more maybe I’ll just be able to spit out those bullet points.
  And if I’m broadcasting radio, I’m talking to lots of people, and I’m getting practice repeating things, which is a valid radio real-world skill especially during the apocalypse. 

E: Yes yes yes!

M: That is one basic principle that is amazing for having a radio.
  Are there more basic principles that you can think of?

E: We’ve said community rather than a single point of contact because of burnout.
  Now you have just touched on intuitive listening.
  Intuitive listening is two things: One, a way of meeting people’s actual needs rather than the needs we think they have… 

M: [bubbles of laughter] …(…why would you want to do that?…)…

 E: I know, right?
  It’s a way of helping people rebuild their neurons after trauma or illness (or traumatic illness). Because when you listen to someone and reflect back to them what they have said, it helps them know what they’re saying.

M: I feel so much relief to hear someone saying that other than me.

E: See, that’s a case in point.

M: Thank you!
  So that’s two! What was the last one again?

E: Intuitive listening.

M: That’s so important.

E: Yes!
  And three is that people who do not have mainstream marketable capitalist skills… have… *because* of that… very valuable information to impart that they deserve to be paid money for… which will enable them to survive without being “a burden” on people who have more mainstream marketable capitalist skills.

M: This is an awesome morning show.

E: Yay!

M: I totally forgot what you said. Having skills. Getting paid. What do we call in politics they have words for this, unappreciated or unpaid labor, the labor of women, the labor of prisoners, the labor of disabled people, the label of… I can’t talk. Labels is an interesting part of that conversation I will set aside for another time.
  [32:37] You have been helping to organize this call so wonderfully. And while I will get off the line pretty momentarily, we seem to be right in the vicinity of an outro. What’s the culmination of this conversation? We made a Welsh triad of something. And the third one means that the end of the “episode” is near. So:
  Could you just give me a quick recap? Because I don’t remember.

E: Yes! We have three things that we want to communicate to people.
  ONE is: Community. Do not make yourself the only point of contact for someone with constant needs. Share those needs with a community, and then you will not burn out and abandon them; and nobody will be too burdened; and nobody will feel as if they are a burden which is good because nobody is a burden. Okay.
  Point TWO is: Intuitive listening. Actually listen to people. Reflect back to them what they have said (and check that you’ve understood it correctly). That means (1) you will be able to meet their actual needs, not the needs that you assume they have, and (2), you will help them rebuild their brains after the trauma they’ve experienced.
  Okay. Point three! I’m not gonna forget point three.
  Point THREE is: People who don’t have mainstream marketable capitalist skills have — because of their experiences — incredibly valuable information to contribute that is worth money. And they should be paid for it. Not given charity, but paid for their valuable services.
  Those are the three things.  

M: I’m gonna go publish this.

E: All right!

M: Thank you!

E: You’re very very welcome!


Max & Evan Discuss Intuitive Community – Intuitive Public Radio–Evan-Discuss-Intuitive-Community—March-28–2020-ecdubf



Broadcast Room – March 31, 2020

Barest amount of broadcasting today. Are there any snippets we can get out on the air?

Hello there. It’s 1755 in the evening, approaching the 55 second mark. March 31st, 2020. Terribly confronting challenges today — simultaneous to wondrous occurrences! 

With our gratitude to the USDAC — the U.S. Department of Arts & Culture, which is *not* a government agency, shared its prodigious materials on facilitating Story Circles. Since we at Intuitive Public Radio have been creating Story Circle access for people who couldn’t get to the usual kinds of Story Circles, the passion sure matched up. We’ve launched our ongoing “event” to begin today, March 31st, in conjunction with The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, the USDAC, and this sixth annual People’s State of The Union.

Our event begins March 31st and never stops. Whenever you hear or read this, we’d like to invite you to join us.

You can find out more by visiting, and I hope you will. Any excuse we can muster to keep doing what we’re doing — and reasons for joy!


We have published
the Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Persons With Psychosocial Disabilities at, and I’d like to include the same segment here at as well. 

Please record your comments to share with us at We’re interested to know more about your experiences.


Broadcast Room – March 31, 2020Intuitive Public Radio—March-31–2020-ec7k24/a-a1qpvhc

COVID-19 and Psychosocial Disabilities

I am reading my highlighted excerpts from the Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities published by Tina Minkowitz on March 26, 2020 at Mad In America dot com. Please find the whole text at this Mad In America link, which we’ve included in our episode notes at,, and

Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities
Tina Minkowitz, Esq.
March 26, 2020, Mad In America dot com
‘ Meanwhile, the community of people with lived experience of psychosocial disability or psychiatry has been connecting in all the ways we can, especially online, to provide peer support and share information. Our love, creativity, and solidarity are needed now more than ever and show us our strength in the midst of crisis.
  Regional and international organizations have come together in this global pandemic to issue a joint statement making recommendations to governments on how to respect and ensure the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities who are among the groups that are more vulnerable to human rights violations as well as infection with and severity of the illness.
  The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry has dedicated a webpage to this joint statement, with downloadable versions in English and Spanish. Other translations will be added as available.
  The complete statement in English, composed jointly by the groups listed, is below.
  -Tina Minkowitz ‘
 . . . ‘ We, persons with psychosocial disabilities from regional and international organizations across the world, are concerned about the vulnerability of persons with psychosocial disabilities to COVID-19 infection and deaths. “Persons with psychosocial disabilities” refers to a historically discriminated and marginalised group that includes users and ex-users of psychiatry, victims-survivors of psychiatric violence, mad people, voice-hearers, and people with psychosocial diversity.
  People with psychosocial disabilities may be at increased risk of contracting coronavirus as a result of:
  their being placed and/or deprived of their liberty in psychiatric units and institutions, social care institutions, vagrancy homes, unregulated and informal ‘shelters’, jails, prisons, and correctional facilities, where they are unable to exercise social distancing as per their will and preferences;
  the inherent risk of infection in these environments, exacerbated by their being overcrowded and unsanitary, and places where ill-treatment tends to occur;
  barriers in accessing health information, including lack of information in plain language and communication support;
  barriers in implementing preventive hygiene measures due to poverty, unequal access to resources within households and homelessness;
  mistreatment and abuse;
  lack of social support networks and inclusive communities; and
  the systemic discrimination against persons with psychosocial disabilities, especially of women, children, older persons, LGBTQIA+ persons, indigenous persons, persons of diverse race, colour, descent, caste, national or ethnic origin, persons of different religious affiliations, persons with other disabilities, and other groups otherwise facing multiple and intersectional discrimination.
  People with psychosocial disabilities may also be at increased risk of developing more severe symptoms and dying due to:
  poor nutrition, healthcare and sanitary conditions in psychiatric units and institutions, social care institutions, group homes and prisons;
  weakened immune systems due to poor nutrition, neglect, institutionalization, and homelessness, including in children and older persons with psychosocial disabilities;
  long-term consequences of physical, psychological and sexual violence and abuse, particularly against women with psychosocial disabilities;
  reluctance to access the health system due to experiences of discrimination, dismissiveness, neglect, violence, and traumatization in that system;
  underlying health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension caused or exacerbated by psychiatric drugs, often administered against people’s will or under coerced consent; and
  barriers in accessing healthcare and lack of health insurance coverage.
  States have the responsibility under international law to respect and ensure the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities on an equal basis with others. This responsibility is heightened during a national and global emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The vulnerabilities highlighted during the pandemic as a result of structural discrimination, discriminatory legislation, and practices of exclusion and violence both in communities and in medical and social care settings, must be taken into account and remedied both during the emergency and afterwards.
  We remind states that the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires states to abolish involuntary admissions and treatment in mental health settings and to release those detained and treated against their will under such regimes. This obligation is not suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, as discriminatory detention is never justified, nor is the administration of mind-altering treatments against a person’s will.
  We call on national and local governments to implement the following measures:
  Institutional Settings
  Drastically reduce the number of people in psychiatric units and institutions, and institute a moratorium on involuntary admissions. Ensure that no one is compelled to remain in such settings against their will, where they are at greater risk of infection, more severe illness, and death.
  Urgently implement sanitary and preventive measures to avoid infections in psychiatric units and institutions, social care institutions and group homes, including environmental cleaning and disinfection, air circulation, regular hand hygiene and free access to sanitary supplies such as soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and paper towels. People should not have to go to a centralised place to get sanitary supplies. Staff must be required to comply with all sanitary and preventive measures.
  Stop the use of seclusion, restraints, non-consensual medication, and any restriction on using the lavatories in psychiatric units and institutions. In addition to being contrary to people’s dignity and integrity, these practices inevitably generate unsanitary conditions and cause severe stress and physical deterioration, resulting in weakened immunity.
  Provide people in psychiatric units, institutions and group homes with access to the latest information about COVID-19, and enable them to keep in touch with their friends and family. People should not be banned from leaving their rooms or having contact with the outside world as a way to prevent infections. While preventive measures to avoid infections from visitors are needed, blanket policies barring visitors are disproportional and can expose people to further abuse and neglect. Alternative means of keeping in contact, such as telephone and Internet, must be allowed without restriction.
  Drastically reduce the population in jails, prisons, and correctional facilities, including by releasing those who are in pre-trial, imprisoned for non-violent offences, or scheduled to be released soon, including persons with psychosocial disabilities on an equal basis as others.
  Ensure in each and every case that people deprived of their liberty and those in congregate settings are tested in a timely manner, given their differential vulnerability, and that all such settings implement proper sanitary and preventive measures. When an outbreak occurs in an institutional setting, those affected must be moved to competent healthcare facilities, and the rest should be removed from the infectious environment. Any quarantine efforts must not result in persons being put into more restrictive environments, such as solitary confinement.
  Ensure that persons with psychosocial disabilities have equal access to testing, healthcare and public information related to COVID-19. Quality healthcare should be provided to those infected without discrimination of any kind, and regardless of health insurance coverage. Persons with psychosocial disabilities should not be diverted from mainstream hospitals to psychiatric units and institutions for treatment, where healthcare for COVID-19 is often of a lower standard.
  Public restrictions based on public health, and actions of law enforcement and security personnel, must not discriminate in any way against persons with psychosocial disabilities. Psychiatric coercive measures must not be used as any part of the response to COVID-19. Human rights standards and mechanisms offering protection to persons deprived of their liberty and those in congregate settings, including those in psychiatric units and institutions, must remain in effect and not be reduced as part of emergency measures.
  No one should be compelled to take psychiatric drugs or other treatments that inflict suffering and that compromise their health or immune systems. Compulsory treatment orders must be lifted, and no new ones introduced, as required by international law.
  Ensure persons with psychosocial disabilities are not discriminated against in accessing the temporary measures implemented by governments to ensure the continuity of services during the COVID-19 outbreak, including education and social protection programs.
  Community Support
  Ensure continued access to support for people experiencing distress or unusual states of consciousness during the COVID-19 outbreak, including through call-in and online psychosocial support and peer support, based on respect for individual will and preferences.
  Step up efforts to develop a wide range of community-based services that respond to the needs of persons with psychosocial disabilities and respect people’s autonomy, choices, dignity, and privacy, including peer support and other alternatives to conventional mental health services.
  Guarantee voluntary access to psychiatric drugs during the COVID-19 outbreak for those who want them, and offer support to anyone who wants to come off their medication or experience home-based withdrawal.
  Prepare and encourage communities to be supportive of one another in an inclusive way, including of persons with psychosocial disabilities, during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is especially important since mandatory quarantine, home confinement and information overload may result in heightened states of distress.
  Provide practical support, such as support with obtaining food and supplies, for people with psychosocial disabilities who may be unable to leave their homes due to quarantine or experience difficulty with leaving home during this period of heightened concerns about contamination.
  Consider flexible mechanisms to authorize people with psychosocial disabilities to be able to leave their homes during mandatory quarantines, for short periods and in a safe way, when they experience particular difficulty with home confinement.
  Adopt additional financial measures to support people with psychosocial disabilities who may need to self-isolate during the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly those who live in poverty, or are unemployed or self-employed.
  Encourage media to report responsibly and accurately about the COVID-19 outbreak and the general population to exercise critical thinking and judgment when reading and sharing information on social media platforms.
  Vulnerable Groups
  Provide access to domestic violence information and services to support people, including children, experiencing abuse and violence at home. People with psychosocial disabilities, of any age, may experience increased risk of abuse and violence during home quarantine or home isolation.
  Conduct community outreach activities to identify and rescue persons with psychosocial disabilities deprived of their liberty or ill-treated at home or within communities, including by shackling and pasung* and provide adequate support to them in a manner that respects their human rights.
  Ensure access by homeless people, including those with psychosocial disabilities, to preventive measures against COVID-19 infection, such as access to well-supplied and clean sanitation facilities, as well as testing and treatment, without discrimination, and in a manner that respects their human rights. Governments must ensure that people with psychosocial disabilities who are homeless during the period of social isolation are not mistreated by authorities and provided with water, food, and shelter on equal basis with others.
  Guarantee the continued provision of harm reduction services, such as needle and syringe programs and opioid substitution therapy, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among drug users.
  Consult and actively involve persons with psychosocial disabilities and their representative organizations in the state response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  Involve persons with disabilities and their representative organizations in the independent monitoring of institutional settings. ‘
Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities
Tina Minkowitz, Esq.
March 26, 2020

I’ve just read my highlighted excerpts from the Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities published by Tina Minkowitz on March 26, 2020 at Mad In America dot com. Please find the whole text at this Mad In America link, which we’ve included in our episode notes at,, and

Excerpts from March 26, 2020

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Today is March 26 2020. These are our latest compiled links and excerpts, which you can find made of text you can click on by pointing your browser to

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Before we move on to the rest of our items, I want to call out for Theo Henderson, who produces We The Unhoused on Anchor FM and favorite podcast platforms everywhere like Spotify and Apple podcasts. In fact, would you please take a minute to help Theo out by favoriting and rating We The Unhoused on Apple podcasts? It will really help people find and benefit from it.

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In Mr. Henderson’s words: May we meet again in the light of understanding.


I may or may not have mentioned recently, I love the USDAC. The US department of arts and culture is not a government agency. From their who page:

‘ The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is a people-powered department—a grassroots action network inciting creativity and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging. ‘

Here is a bit of the email they sent me last week…

‘ How do we connect, organize, and deepen community amidst the necessary public health practice of social distancing? How do we combat the spread of isolation, othering, and fear? How do we increase solidarity, mutuality, and community care at this time of social emergency, and use what we learn toward making systemic change?
  One way we can do this is by hosting space for community dialogue, reflection, and meaning-making, and movement-building online.
  The USDAC is partnering with the Poor People’s Campaign to host our sixth annual People’s State of the Union (PSOTU) from March 20th–April 20th. The core element of a PSOTU event is a Story Circle, a powerful and democratic mode of surfacing individual and collective wisdom.
  These events usually take place in person—in living rooms, theaters, community centers, classrooms. But because of the health risks associated with large public gatherings, especially for the most vulnerable folks in our communities, we are calling on our network to host all Story Circles online this year. ‘
 . . . ‘ Learn more about the People’s State of the Union:
  Got questions about online Story Circles?:
Host an Online #PSOTU2020 Story Circle


My name is Max Morris.

I coordinate ongoing Internet radio programming to connect and support survivors of severity who have been cut off from any assistance or community. 

We are producing an international public health art and advocacy project called Intuitive Public Radio. 

I’m interested to create more multimedia, especially storytelling and sharing opportunities, to connect members of our communities who can’t usually connect. 

I am in Pittsburgh. I’d love to get to know others working on projects like these and offer any support I can. If you are listening to the sound of my voice or reading this text, contact me privately by emailing or visiting

Like others in my network, I am severely disabled from experiences I survived before the coronavirus news started. This is another life-changing experience for all of us.

I’ve been documenting measurable recovery and functions I regain when I prioritize connecting collaboratively in caring community. Resonance, kindness, and shared meaning have wondrous health effects.

USDAC has been working to expand awareness and facilitation of story circles, an effort very close to our hearts at IPR.

Intuitive Public Radio has sought to provide story circle context and opportunities to survivors who are not able to join real-time story circles, and may not have a local community they can safely connect with. 

We have also sought to connect many other kinds of communities with the survivors who are members of our community, since many do not know these survivors even exist.

Many of our members have been very sick or severely disabled for years or decades, isolated long-term, cut off from their localities and in-person events, and cut off from online real-time events, too, by their health conditions and extreme circumstances.

Recent events concerning coronavirus have affected them in profound and still too often invisible ways.

If you know of any person or group compiling story circle resources for individuals who are not able to join real-time events or real time Internet meetings, I would love to know about it. We have been working passionately on this for a long time, with hope that we will meet more people already working on it (or wanting to work on it).

If you are listening to our programming and would like to support us, visit for some ideas how.

You can find our transcripts at

Thank you for tuning in!


Max Mo

(That… is me.)


Kazimir DeWolfe
March 17 at 3:22 PM ·
Submissions needed for Quaranzine!
  We are looking for artwork and short written submissions about emerging/emergency issues and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.
  We will be prioritizing submissions from members of marginalized communities who are at greater risk during the coronavirus pandemic and this period of social distancing. (such as homeless individuals, sex workers, LGBTQIA+, disabled folks, folks with chronic illness, mad/neurodivergent/psychiatrically disabled, BIPOC, people who use drugs, prisoners or former prisoners, immigrants, elders/old people…)
  Let us know if you wish to be anonymous.
  Themes and issues we would like to include (other issues welcome!):
• Mutual aid networks during social distancing
Experiences of high risk individuals
  • What the pandemic reveals about various societal structures (capitalism, the state, the healthcare system…)
  • Disability justice during the pandemic
  • Prison abolition
  • Abolition of ICE and concentration camps
  • Racism and xenophobia during the pandemic
  Email submissions to by March 30. (shooting for a quick turn-around on this) ‘


Here is a special set of headlines from secretly superheroic Intuitive community fermentation…

How to access states of creative healing, rebuild neurological function, and be most kind, patient, and resilient (no matter what).

How to cope when people you care about are dying.

How to diffuse conflict and care for others in challenging community situations.

How to most bravely care for your friends and colleagues when the worst is happening.

How to build strong communities when strong communities are needed most.

How to turn our suffering to strength.


When in a coronavirus pandemic, you want each person to be able to express their needs and ask for help.

Is this correct?

If they can’t and are more affected as a result, they can also be a greater transmission vector in their communities.

Is this correct?

If people in our communities have survived extreme circumstances that made it more physically dangerous to ask for help than to stay quiet… are we going to make sure they’re legitimately most safe to ask for help?

Or are we going to wait for their circumstances to deteriorate, then punish them for not behaving predictably in the way we prefer?

People who are homeless; people who are in poverty; people with disabilities for which they have been unable to receive sufficient support; people at intersections of severe marginalization.

What should they do if their experiences have shown them that asking for help will result in more harm?

When you say to your community, “What do you need?”… do you want to receive true answers?

Asking for a friend.


A plea.
SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2020
‘ Can people please help me?
I have posted this very often before but here it goes again:
  I have been sick for almost 11 years. There are certain symptoms that mark end stage lyme disease. I have had them for a while. I dont know how long I will still live. I have surpassed the odds and my own predictions. But barring a miracle from God, this will of course not continue.
  I have dreams that are my sole reason to live. These dreams are only possible to be achieved through collaboration, and most likely finding financial donors larger than any on my friendslist. These dreams arent solely for my on happiness, they are for the good of the world, like opening centers, or as Meg Morris (Max) calls them, medicinal BnBs, places where multimarginalized people can live and find some healing.
  Now due to the entire current pandemic, more people seem to want to help each other than ever.
  So I am asking, can it finally be made a reality?
  My other dream is I want to get married, and see the love of my life every day.
  I dont want to die without seeing them.
  Its why I held on through unimaginable difficulties.
  I have dreamt of someone like them my entire life and never thought it was possible, but now I know it is.
  Travel, which was already difficult due to accessibility and funding problems, seems even more of a problem now.
  It is beyond bearing on top of everything else I have to deal with.
  So much of my life has been spend in various forms of isolation, because of getting sick, and before then being the only neurodivergent person I knew and not being accepted.
  I just dont want to die in isolation, not having fulfilled my life’s mission.
  This is not just a rant, or a request for funding. This is a plea, to come together to create a travel plan that will be acted upon as soon as it is at all possible to act, and to find all needed resources beyond just funding, to start creating centers; where I am now, where my friends are now, and where I am going. ‘ 


Recent listened episodes from all over by folks in IPR East…

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What is Political Bypass? – Charles Eisenstein Podcast 

Scott Simpson’s interview with Jim Gottstein: The Zyprexa Papers – How Big Pharma hid the harm its medication was causing people – Medical Error Interviews 

Episode 7: It’s the Water – Outsiders 


I would like to invite you to browse our updated Telegram channel directory, which is now a lot more like browsing a website than it ever has been before. 

This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit us and make gentle friends with those you meet along the way.

  1. My wondrous appreciation for everyone in Telegram messenger development. Thank you for creating something so beautifully usable for me and mine. I couldn’t find anything else that worked, then this. You are superheroes.

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Thank you to everyone for supporting one another and even being brave on behalf of one another at this astonishing time. Visit and for links we’ve mentioned and collected. 



Excerpts from March 26, 2020 – Intuitive Public Radio–2020-ec0rka/a-a1pkdm1


Waking up, reaching out

I was dead. I didn’t want to wake up. I was dead again and if I could avoid waking up, I could stay dead. Still, silent, and sleeping.

But I woke up and I was alive again.

I don’t know how to say whether it was one death or many. I’m stretching the definition of “death” from common usage. Every heart beat, wing flutter, or vibration of the larynx is many pulses. A day is a month is a year in the life of a stone. I know that I was dead and it would have been better if I’d stayed that way, but I woke up and I was alive again.

Then I stayed very still and silent, because moving was too painful.

I thought, maybe I seem to be alive, but there is nothing here to grow.

But then the spring came.

And something grew.

Green sprouting leaves from seeds I thought were desiccated and void. Green shoots. Christ help me, flower buds. And then I made another picture of the radio and tried to shake the silt out of my head. How can I fathom doing this again? This doesn’t exist in the land of death I was walking in. How am I here? What’s happening?

Here and there, what I can access becomes a little more clear.

Everyone died. The radio died. The network died. I died.

Gut was laid waste; how long did I go without food? I was down to sips of water and then no water at all. (How long? Time has no length in those places.) 

I woke up (perhaps dozens of times) and I was alive.

I thought we were all dead.

Green shoots ferment. There could be a salad. I’m tired of words. I’m tired of dying repeatedly. I don’t want to go through it again. But I’m here. And I seem to be… broadcasting.

My whole experience is different, my self, my body, and the shapes of my brain. None of it is the same. Picking this up again as a new and different person is very strange.


‘ Coronavirus is turning life as we know it upside down, but the realities are different for everyone. And PublicSource wants to hear from you.
  Whether you’re someone in an ‘essential’ job — like a pharmacy worker, healthcare worker or grocery store clerk — or in a situation where your life is being put on hold, whether that’s school, a job or spending time with family members, you can share with PublicSource dispatches from your day or major changes that have occurred in your routine. We can also be your outlet to share concerns as well as positive things happening in your community. With all this social distancing, we’d love to see and/or hear you.
  You can email a note or send photos you’d be ok with us publishing and write in the email about yourself and what the photo(s) represent. We are also able to pair you with a reporter if you’d be up for a conversation.
  You can also contact us at 412-212-6471 and leave a voice message.
  We are also looking for first-person essays: 1) If you have credentials to explain how we, non-experts, should process the impacts COVID-19 is having on healthcare, economy, housing and other aspects of our community, please write to us; 2) if you have a unique experience to share how you are navigating this unprecedented time, we’d love to hear from you.
  Help PublicSource share our community’s story and bring everyone closer together — even by virtual means. We appreciate everyone’s story and hope you and yours are well and safe. ‘


I and a group of others internationally are working on a community strengthening set of art projects referenced collectively as Intuitive Public Radio.

I am isolated with severe disability in Pittsburgh. 

I was born here, developed my career in a few other locations, and then was brought back here by my family after I survived being trafficked as a severely disabled person in Austin Texas.

IPR is a survivor-led initiative to bring the tool sets and expertise of Survivors of Severity directly into community with all others who can benefit.

We have strived for some years to help our projects reach more people in hardship and isolation who have been undeservedly excluded from community resources, so that every person can have somewhere to go for help, for connection, for personhood.

The novel coronavirus has awoken a lot of people, businesses, and organizations to the need for this work. 

My colleagues and I have become ‘accustomed’ to extreme health conditions and dying experiences that go on and on and on. (Almost everyone working together on this project is severely disabled and in threat of their lives on a day-to-day basis, long before the novel coronavirus.) But we have also created resources to support individuals in resilience through trauma, creative healing and recovery, and helping one another to workshop income streams.

Most recently, my digestion was completely shut down and it looked like I was not going to come back.

But it’s springtime, I’m alive, and I’m reading you this message.

Thank you for reaching out. It helps me repair some neurology ✨

Be safe and brave (!),



Waking up, reaching out – Pittsburgh, IPR–reaching-out-ebquf8



Excerpts from March 18, 2020

“May we again meet in the light of understanding.” Don’t miss Theo Henderson’s podcast, We The Unhoused. These words end so many of his audio segments, we find our hearts lifting in prayer and saying it with him. —

This is Max Morris with Intuitive Public Radio. Today is March 18th 2020. I am reading off for you our latest compiled links and excerpts. For the links that aren’t as easy to read on the radio, please point your browsers to so that you can click through and support these authors and creators.

Any link I can read out loud, I will. Please send me more — ! — by emailing, sending a note from our page at, or record a voice message at


Between “I have to” and “I can’t” there is (at least) a third possibility; perhaps we could call it “I know how.” We could call it “known and trusted function.”  read more…

Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020)

When I try to tell you what happened, my ability to verbalize drops away. When I try to tell you what happened, I even forget completely what I was going to say.
  This is a way the body protects itself when it has been traumatized. But this body is healing, and it has been practicing…”

Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020)  read more…

Contributor invitation: Restoring resilience in communities experiencing trauma

Are you a trauma survivor who seems to suddenly or repeatedly become a scapegoat to others when your pain threshold is crossed?

If you have had this experience, please accept my invitation to be part of our public radio conversation in order to create solidarity, understanding, and greater community safety for trauma survivors who cannot talk about it on the radio or participate openly.

*Short discussions using phone calls or Zoom video calls. (More options listed below.)
*Recordings will be made using speakerphone on phone calls, unless we have the option of making a clearer recording (with Zoom).
*Stabilizing conversations addressing challenging topics, showing up with our best support, kindness, and patience for one another.

*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more resources for trauma survivors than we had before?
*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more obstacles for trauma survivors than we had before?
*Where do we need increased awareness of the effects of trauma in our daily lives, right now?

If you can join me on a phone call or on a Zoom call to record in real time, please send me a note with your phone number to or message privately via I can also receive private Telegram messages at

To share your thoughts in public broadcast, send a text response by email to: You can also send a text response at this page: Send in an audio clip by recording here:

Content will be published to Intuitive Public Radio and shared within some hours or days after our conversation. (Due to current adversity, time frames are not exact. Let’s stay in touch so that I can let you know when your segments go up.)

You can send me a private message or ask me questions by emailing or messaging via You can find out more about me on this page: Please send me additional or repeat messages if you need to in order to get my attention, and my apologies for anything I may miss. I am striving through physical difficulties to create safety and public community resources that can help myself and others.

My previous post with additional context can be found here:

This can get better for me and for all of us. Caring participants are greatly appreciated. You have my permission to copy and paste this message to share with others — with my gratitude.

Across the Intuitive community network

Soon from the queue…
Links & excerpts from Notes on Refuge, IPR Pittsburgh, and across the Intuitive community network

Just published…
Resolution in Conversation & Power as a GiftIntuitive Public Radio

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…to browse our updated Telegram channel directory, which is now a lot more like browsing a website than it ever has been before.

This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit us and make gentle friends with those you meet along the way.

PS. Wondrous appreciation for everyone in Telegram messenger development. Thank you for creating something so beautifully usable for us and ours. We couldn’t find anything else that worked, then this. You are superheroes.

Resolution in Conversation & Power as a Gift

Max chats with her friend Jim about the resolution of disagreements in conversation, community, and power as a gift. Transcript: • IPR •••

Max: So for instance… what do you feel should happen when people disagree with one another? What is our scenario?

Jim: What happens when people disagree with one another? I think what would happen, Max, is conversation. There is a beautiful section in the very beginning of Ignatius of Loyola’s exercises where he says that grieving people should have a positive attitude toward each other. If one of them says something that seems strange, then the person should ask, could the person better explain it so that the first person would understand? Hopefully, they would work out their misunderstanding which could be just a matter of words.
  If they still can’t get it clear, he suggests getting a couple of friends and saying, We’re trying to talk about this and we’re having understanding. Can you help us? And the friends would try to do that.
  If there is still a misunderstanding, we’d say, let’s go to a teacher or let’s go to a wise person or let’s go to somebody who maybe we don’t know personally but is very good at getting answers.
  And if still there turned out to be a difference, and it could be a serious difference, it could even be that we feel we need to go officially to the court and to ask the judge to listen to our case and tell us what he thinks is the right answer, and we would be willing to go with whatever that answer is.
  That’s a way of saying that communication is very important between people in contact with each other. The hope is, it’s good when people can explain themselves to each other and remain friends, and in fact better friends.
  That’s one answer i would have for what happens when there is a difference of opinion.

Max: I really like the subject of conflict resolution, but I like approaching it from a standpoint where perhaps we don’t need to end up in the conflict first and then resolve it; perhaps there are ways of getting ahead of conflict by having better conversations in communities. read more…

Spring and springing

In Spring • Some kind of Renaissance of Internet income generation • Reviving kindness (better) • Share resources • Needs and solutions • Spring is springing • I think things are going to get better. Honestly. https://Intuitive.Social/Professional

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Bravely Brought

Welcome, brave listeners. This is Intuitive Public Radio.

Thank you for your support. The donations you’ve sent to and to our other contribution platforms have built pages, bought supplies, paid service charges, and gotten core team members through days of suffering, starvation, and life-threatening circumstance. We are creating more and better ways to be in community together. Thank you for being on this mission with us.

We are changing our relationships around money and community. If you are able to contribute a few dollars to our efforts, is a list of supportive links where you can pick your favorite way to urge us on. 

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IPR is brought to you this very moment by Intuitive Social Kitchen: Wartime medicinal kitchens save the lives of environmental disaster survivors every day.

We are building inclusive, accessible, intuitive, community-serving medicinal kitchens based on the emergent specifications shared by members of our communities.

With the help of Intuitive Public Radio, we are bringing this resource to your neighborhood — asking you and the people you care about what makes your lives better, what foods heal your family, and what you need in your kitchens.

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We are also brought to you by the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging. Members of Intuitive Community wish to express our support for Jill Kesti, creator of the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging, for the life-saving work she has done in compiling this resource.

Jill is an amazing woman in Michigan building awareness of forced psychiatry and its human rights abuses through her graphic design work. Please visit the Coalition on Facebook at and on Patreon at Find more links to the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging in our latest post at

Jill is working to fund a coalition of psychiatric survivors in a class action lawsuit, research and create a medication-free, long-term support center, heal holistically & naturally, and help people fix this planet. You can make a one time donation to her Coalition work via, or to support her personal well-being via

If you have also benefited from the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging, please share Jill’s links and contribute your positive reviews to her Facebook page,



Here’s one more: This program is brought to you by courageous hearts still beating, lungs bravely breathing, and the soul of wisdom in compassion that lives in each of us. Care for your fellow living beings. Listen to their songs closely. Sing your own song fearlessly. And tune your radios to the melody of Intuitive community.


Essentially, we are brought to one another by one another. When we show up to say how we are supported and how we choose to support others, we make more privilege in community for everybody.

If you have felt a compulsion to stay in hiding, you’re not the only one. All the fresh new talk of quarantines brings a new spin to it. But we have ways of reaching out to touch one another with our voices; my instrument resonates to communicate with you; your transceivers vibrate at the frequencies you’re receiving. Our bodies seem separate, but we’re connected. We’re making music together by caring about each other.

We can protect ourselves and also get what we need. We can ensure one another’s safety, privacy, and healthy interconnectivity. We can travel, in fact, without leaving the house. It’s a new day. Who do you want to help?

I’m grateful to a lot of people who found a way to show up when it seemed showing up would have to kill their living bodies. I’m grateful for resources I found when there was no other information to save me — survivors building websites with their last and desperate and slimmest capacity. 

I learned a lot about marketing and advertising, once upon a time, but it was toothless from missing too much of the invisible, struggling to create value without recognizing value. So much of the focus is drawn by money, but we focus more effectively when we listen intuitively in community. 

Something is happening to you invisibly. And it might be the very most important thing…


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Bravely broughtIntuitive Public Radio



Intuitive Social Intimacy, Invisibility, Technology (& Reading!)

Intuitive Social Intimacy, Invisibility, Technology (& Reading!)

Radiozines exported fast a-pace here at this Intuitive Public Radio. We published some delightful thing at Intuitive Social Intimacy today, which became the beginning of the below Anchor episode. (Its radiozine is here.) We can’t keep up, and we don’t have to — we built an environment that supports us.

Would you like to read, participate, enjoy?

Here is today’s IPRzine + podcast episode. Thank you for reading and listening!



Wednesday January 23, 2019

That feeling when the disability aid keeping you alive is taken away.

#UrgentHelpersNeeded for Meaningful, Nourishing Collaboration

Max writes, in the Telegram channel, @NotesOnRefuge • Live Collaborative Notes On Refuge • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR •••

December 7, 2018

My parents are not able to help me sufficiently. I will die if I don’t get more help. so I must focus on making public content that will help us raise money.

That is almost impossible to do if I am forced into trauma episodes and cannot stop talking the things I need to say because of trauma.

This is a network where people are safe if they blurt trauma.

We will not hurt them here.

But right now I am the only person blurting trauma and that is traumatizing 🙂

It is a known biological necessity for an organism in trauma to express itself
and move in the ways it needs to move

In order to rewrite the information in its body so that it recovers from the trauma and can survive with more ease.


In our culture we keep traumatized people from expressing themselves.

If you have money or access you can get a therapist. maybe.

If you are poor you cannot! you will be forced onto drugs, told that they are safe, but this is not true.

You are told that they are safe because they are counting on the placebo effect to keep you from noticing that the research does not support their marketing language.

Poor, marginalized, traumatized people must be able to express themselves and act in the world in order to heal and recover.  They must have a safe place to do it no matter what it is they need to say.

The only way to unblock the flow in their systems so that they can start with healing their bodies and relearn patterns that allow them to communicate better and make them safer and to self sufficient again.

It is no longer acceptable to stop trauma survivors from expressing themselves.

We have lots of channels where it is safe to say everything you can possibly think of. If you don’t know where you can put it, message me and I will help.


I am currently caught in loops of blurting trauma

Because I do not have enough people to work with me on the solutions that we have available immediately to make us money.

People who can offer us simple task support. it’s very simple, and it’s fun, as soon as we are working together and the trauma survivors don’t have to continually be traumatized begging for help from others.

This is why it is essential that we have people helping us communicate with Facebook and Twitter. Please, I need help doing this.


Please ask me to invite you to the groups where we are coordinating these things, because we urgently need help.

We can make a lot of money right now if we work together.

Please ask me how you can get involved and I will help you find a way that is easiest and feels most nourishing for you.

That is my job.

Please help me be allowed to do my job.


#EMF • IPR •••

#EMF • IPR •••

Can You Really Be Allergic to Wifi and Cell Phones?

Along with the incredibly fast increase in our use of wireless technologies, the number of people who claim getting health symptoms from exposure to wifi, cell phones or other sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is on the rise

And while the current scientific “consensus” is that this non-ionizing radiation cannot possibly induce health effects besides overheating tissues, an increasing number of independent scientists and doctors are ringing the alarm.

“Will We All Become Electrosensitive?”

In a 2006 letter to the editor of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine,[1] researchers Örjan Hallberg from Sweden and Gerd Oberfeld from Austria shared their concerning observations:

“Each year an increasing number of people claim to suffer from electrosensitivity, also known as being electrically hypersensitive (EHS). There are also other diseases, such as fibromyalgia and burn-out syndrome, that have symptoms similar to those exhibited by people suffering from electrosensitivity.”

And they ended with a pretty damning prediction:

“Contrary to the views of mainstream medical authorities, [our data] shows that the group of electrosensitive people around the world, including Sweden, is not just a small fraction that deviates from the rest of the healthy population. Instead, it points at the possibility that electrosensitivity will be more widespread in the near future. The extrapolated trend indicates that 50% of the population can be expected to become electrosensitive by the year 2017.”

Image Link:

Is “Evidence-Based Medicine” Blinded By Bad Science?

In the last few decades, many researchers attempted to elucidate whether electro hypersensitivity (EHS) is a real medical condition, or if the nocebo effect could be responsible for the symptoms displayed by people who claim they are sensitive.

Several provocation studies using cellular base stations or cell phones against a sham have been mostly inconsistent.

In a 2015 aggregation of two such large studies,[2] researchers concluded:

“These findings are consistent with a growing body of literature indicating there is no causal relationship between short-term exposure to EMFs and subjective well-being in members of the public whether or not they report perceived sensitivity to EMFs.”

But as researcher Dariusz Leszczynski reported in recent presentation he gave in Seoul, South Korea,[3] these studies have been designed with a lot of dangerous assumptions, making them virtually irrelevant to elucidate the truth around EHS.

  • Scientists do not know if volunteers participating in studies have the correct self-diagnosis of EHS

  • Scientists have no proof that the methods they using are indeed capable of detecting EHS

  • Scientists introduce biases by excluding volunteers with pre-existing health problems (and a lot of people who claim being EHS suffer from important symptoms)

In other words, provocation studies mostly designed by psychiatrists and trying to prove that EHS is “all in the head” should not be taken as proof that our exposure to EMFs cannot possibly cause symptoms.

Leszczynski proposes that instead of merely turning a cell phone ON and OFF and seeing if a person reacts, we should be on the lookout for tangible biological markers in people who claim they are EHS.

French Doctor Detects Reliable Biomarkers of Electro Hypersensitivity

About 3 years ago, French researcher Dr. Dominique Belpomme published a groundbreaking paper which identified several reliable biomarkers found in people with electro hypersensitivity:[4]

“Our data strongly suggest that EHS and MCS [multiple chemical sensitivity] can be objectively characterized and routinely diagnosed by commercially available simple tests. Both disorders appear to involve inflammation-related hyper-histaminemia, oxidative stress, autoimmune response, capsulothalamic hypoperfusion and BBB opening, and a deficit in melatonin metabolic availability; suggesting a risk of chronic neurodegenerative disease.”

In up to 80% of more than 500 studied patients, he saw high levels of blood histamine, elevated S100B (a marker of leakage of the blood-brain barrier) and elevated NTT (a marker of oxidative stress).

Dr. Belpomme’s research is still early, but could confirm our greatest fears: that wireless technologies are definitely not as safe as they were touted to be.

Are You Part Of The 35%?

The most dire estimates show that millions of people in North America alone could be feeling various symptoms after being exposed to wifi, cell phones, Bluetooth and the countless wireless gadgets that are now ubiquitous these days.

Dr. Magda Havas, who has been teaching about electro pollution and its effects on health since the mid 1990s at the Trent University in Toronto, Canada, explained in her 2014 paper:[5]

I use a conservative estimate of 3% of the population for those who have severe symptoms. […] Another 35% population may have mild to moderate symptoms of EHS when exposed to electrosmog. People in this latter group can function in an electrosmog environment but may develop headaches or have difficulty sleeping and are living a life compromised by increasingly poor health as a consequence of their exposure.

She explains that the top symptoms of EHS include:

Fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, feeling of discomfort, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular problems, dizziness, loss of appetite, movement difficulties, and nausea.

She also reports that these symptoms correspond to the various symptoms that have been reported in various studies in populations exposed to cell phone base stations,[6] and in studies from the European and Soviet literature dating back from the late 1960s.[7]

Could it be that Hallberg & Oberfeld’s predictions have come true? Will we all become electrosensitive?

Most Doctors & Health Practitioners Completely Oblivious To The Problem

“I see EMF sensitivity very frequently in my clinic” explains triple-board physician Dr. Zach Bush. “But the first times I heard it from patients, I didn’t believe it at all.”

Dr. Bush is not alone. Most health practitioners — even in those practicing functional medicine — are still unaware that EMFs can be an environmental trigger leading to symptoms in many people.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who has been aware of the problem for decades and has seen tremendous benefits in reducing electrosmog in his chronically ill patients, argues that EMFs is the “most important missing link in medicine”.

Klinghardt, a pioneer in his field, even publicly states that exposure to EMFs is one of the lead causes of most neurological diseases and the main reason most cases of chronic infections do not respond to most treatments.

“There’s a group of Lyme patients that get well, and there’s a group of Lyme patients that don’t budge. The ones that get well are the ones who follow my advice on reducing exposure to Electrosmog.”

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no functional medicine certification, program or course is available for practitioners seeking to learn the best practices EMF-aware practitioners such as Drs. Klinghardt and Bush are using in their respective clinics.

How to Seek An EMF-Aware Practitioner… or Become OneBecome One

Most people who feel symptoms from EMFs are not taken seriously, or mistakenly referred to psychiatrists. That’s not right.

As an investigative health journalist who has been researching the topic of EMFs for several years and written a bestselling book on the topic, I know that the vast majority of health practitioners today are not well equipped to identify EMF-related symptoms and help their patients or clients reduce their EMF exposure.

This is why I teamed up with medical pioneers such as Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and independent researchers to try to fix this important knowledge gap in functional medicine.

We recently created a quick guide called “How EMFs Affect Your Patients” — which all GreenMedInfo readers can download free of charge.