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Spontaneous Cosmology, Intuitive Public Radio, October 28, 2018 Coatlicue Rx https://anchor.fm/spontaneouscosmology/episodes/October-28–2018-Coatlicue-Rx-e2ga30 http://T.me/SpontaneousCosmology
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#Pittsburgh • IPR •••

Caroline writes, ‘ Our group of brave and compassionate Duquense and Point Park students and faculty who completed HVN Facilitator training in Pittsburgh today despite holding grief and fear over the horrific violence that occurred at nearby Tree of Life...

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Intuitive.pub/Sleep will connect you with our Intuitive Public Sleep project — wherein those who have a safe place to sleep help those who do not, and contribute meaningfully to all our healing in community. Sleep is a very important thing! Many people now do...

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IPR Pittsburgh, October 28, 2018 Kindness, Violence https://anchor.fm/ipr-pittsburgh/episodes/October-28–2018-Kindness–Violence-e2g7tb

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first portion of continuing thoughts about violence and about Pittsburgh The Shadowbag, Intuitive Public Radio, October 28, 2018 Violence https://anchor.fm/shadowbag/episodes/October-28–2018-Violence-e2g721 List of audios in order at intuitive.pub/Radiolist Add...