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January 24, 2019 Energy

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Sustainable energy management

Thursday January 24, 2019

If one can express trauma without being met with shame, there is great energy we can use to do the next necessary thing.

If a person expresses trauma and is shut down by their environment, energy is wasted, energy is dissipated.

If a person expresses trauma and is recognized as legitimate -- their own self, and the trauma they are expressing, and the expressions they need to offer -- they feel better. They feel stronger.

Me too.


Wednesday January 23, 2019

That feeling when the disability aid keeping you alive is taken away.

#UrgentHelpersNeeded for Meaningful, Nourishing Collaboration

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December 7, 2018

My parents are not able to help me sufficiently. I will die if I don't get more help. so I must focus on making public content that will help us raise money.

That is almost impossible to do if I am forced into trauma episodes and cannot stop talking the things I need to say because of trauma.

This is a network where people are safe if they blurt trauma.

We will not hurt them here.

But right now I am the only person blurting trauma and that is traumatizing 🙂

It is a known biological necessity for an organism in trauma to express itself
and move in the ways it needs to move

In order to rewrite the information in its body so that it recovers from the trauma and can survive with more ease.


In our culture we keep traumatized people from expressing themselves.

If you have money or access you can get a therapist. maybe.

If you are poor you cannot! you will be forced onto drugs, told that they are safe, but this is not true.

You are told that they are safe because they are counting on the placebo effect to keep you from noticing that the research does not support their marketing language.

Poor, marginalized, traumatized people must be able to express themselves and act in the world in order to heal and recover.  They must have a safe place to do it no matter what it is they need to say.

The only way to unblock the flow in their systems so that they can start with healing their bodies and relearn patterns that allow them to communicate better and make them safer and to self sufficient again.

It is no longer acceptable to stop trauma survivors from expressing themselves.

We have lots of channels where it is safe to say everything you can possibly think of. If you don't know where you can put it, message me and I will help.


I am currently caught in loops of blurting trauma

Because I do not have enough people to work with me on the solutions that we have available immediately to make us money.

People who can offer us simple task support. it's very simple, and it's fun, as soon as we are working together and the trauma survivors don't have to continually be traumatized begging for help from others.

This is why it is essential that we have people helping us communicate with Facebook and Twitter. Please, I need help doing this.


Please ask me to invite you to the groups where we are coordinating these things, because we urgently need help.

We can make a lot of money right now if we work together.

Please ask me how you can get involved and I will help you find a way that is easiest and feels most nourishing for you.

That is my job.

Please help me be allowed to do my job.


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