Evan Jacques:

Oh, thank you! I'll copy the post I just made on Facebook

Max (Meg Morris):


Evan Jacques:

Stepped out of my flat to stop a fight and unfortunately the people who were fighting fell against my door and locked me out!

Would anyone be willing to lend me £100 till Monday for a locksmith?

(It'll probably only be 59, but it's 100 if I need a new lock - I can pay you back 41 right away if all goes well.)

*Please don't worry - I'm safe, warm, not worried, and definitely NOT in need of anywhere to stay, thank you! 🙂 *



' What's Michón Con for and why does it exist? How is it different from other cons? What does "accessible from the foundation up" actually mean? How can Michón Con best be supported? What's the difference between the reparational subscriptions and the tickets? What does race have to do with it, anyway?

These questions and more are answered in this video.

Pay reparations/subscribe to Michón Con: https://drove.com/.Cbc

Purchase tickets for yourself and/or others: https://drove.com/.BLh

#NotesOnRefuge • IPR •••

OCT. 5, 2018 / 9:10 AM

PET scans show fibromyalgia patients have inflammation in the brain

"Finding an objective neurochemical change in the brains of people who are used to being told that their problems are imaginary is pretty important," said researcher Marco Loggia.


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