Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020)

"When I try to tell you what happened, my ability to verbalize drops away. When I try to tell you what happened, I even forget completely what I was going to say.
  This is a way the body protects itself when it has been traumatized. But this body is healing, and it has been practicing..."

Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020)  (more…)

Contributor invitation: Restoring resilience in communities experiencing trauma

Are you a trauma survivor who seems to suddenly or repeatedly become a scapegoat to others when your pain threshold is crossed?

If you have had this experience, please accept my invitation to be part of our public radio conversation in order to create solidarity, understanding, and greater community safety for trauma survivors who cannot talk about it on the radio or participate openly.

*Short discussions using phone calls or Zoom video calls. (More options listed below.)
*Recordings will be made using speakerphone on phone calls, unless we have the option of making a clearer recording (with Zoom).
*Stabilizing conversations addressing challenging topics, showing up with our best support, kindness, and patience for one another.

*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more resources for trauma survivors than we had before?
*In what ways is the “novel coronavirus” situation creating more obstacles for trauma survivors than we had before?
*Where do we need increased awareness of the effects of trauma in our daily lives, right now?

If you can join me on a phone call or on a Zoom call to record in real time, please send me a note with your phone number to or message privately via I can also receive private Telegram messages at

To share your thoughts in public broadcast, send a text response by email to: You can also send a text response at this page: Send in an audio clip by recording here:

Content will be published to Intuitive Public Radio and shared within some hours or days after our conversation. (Due to current adversity, time frames are not exact. Let’s stay in touch so that I can let you know when your segments go up.)

You can send me a private message or ask me questions by emailing or messaging via You can find out more about me on this page: Please send me additional or repeat messages if you need to in order to get my attention, and my apologies for anything I may miss. I am striving through physical difficulties to create safety and public community resources that can help myself and others.

My previous post with additional context can be found here:

This can get better for me and for all of us. Caring participants are greatly appreciated. You have my permission to copy and paste this message to share with others -- with my gratitude.

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Resolution in Conversation & Power as a Gift

Max chats with her friend Jim about the resolution of disagreements in conversation, community, and power as a gift. Transcript: • IPR •••

Max: So for instance… what do you feel should happen when people disagree with one another? What is our scenario?

Jim: What happens when people disagree with one another? I think what would happen, Max, is conversation. There is a beautiful section in the very beginning of Ignatius of Loyola’s exercises where he says that grieving people should have a positive attitude toward each other. If one of them says something that seems strange, then the person should ask, could the person better explain it so that the first person would understand? Hopefully, they would work out their misunderstanding which could be just a matter of words.
  If they still can’t get it clear, he suggests getting a couple of friends and saying, We’re trying to talk about this and we’re having understanding. Can you help us? And the friends would try to do that.
  If there is still a misunderstanding, we’d say, let’s go to a teacher or let’s go to a wise person or let’s go to somebody who maybe we don’t know personally but is very good at getting answers.
  And if still there turned out to be a difference, and it could be a serious difference, it could even be that we feel we need to go officially to the court and to ask the judge to listen to our case and tell us what he thinks is the right answer, and we would be willing to go with whatever that answer is.
  That’s a way of saying that communication is very important between people in contact with each other. The hope is, it’s good when people can explain themselves to each other and remain friends, and in fact better friends.
  That’s one answer i would have for what happens when there is a difference of opinion.

Max: I really like the subject of conflict resolution, but I like approaching it from a standpoint where perhaps we don’t need to end up in the conflict first and then resolve it; perhaps there are ways of getting ahead of conflict by having better conversations in communities. (more…)

Spring and springing

In Spring • Some kind of Renaissance of Internet income generation • Reviving kindness (better) • Share resources • Needs and solutions • Spring is springing • I think things are going to get better. Honestly. https://Intuitive.Social/Professional

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