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Intuitive Public Yogas is coordinating support, safety, and crisis relief for severe experiencers and others undeservedly excluded from community contact. We are ensuring the nourishment of belonging and direct, friendly assistance to people who cannot find help anywhere else.

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Our work is only successful because of you, your kindness, and your wishes for stronger, more resilient communities!

Thank you for sharing your needs and insights with us as we work hard each day.

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Bravely Brought

Welcome, brave listeners. This is Intuitive Public Radio.

Thank you for your support. The donations you’ve sent to and to our other contribution platforms have built pages, bought supplies, paid service charges, and gotten core team members through days of suffering, starvation, and life-threatening circumstance. We are creating more and better ways to be in community together. Thank you for being on this mission with us.

We are changing our relationships around money and community. If you are able to contribute a few dollars to our efforts, is a list of supportive links where you can pick your favorite way to urge us on. 

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IPR is brought to you this very moment by Intuitive Social Kitchen: Wartime medicinal kitchens save the lives of environmental disaster survivors every day.

We are building inclusive, accessible, intuitive, community-serving medicinal kitchens based on the emergent specifications shared by members of our communities.

With the help of Intuitive Public Radio, we are bringing this resource to your neighborhood -- asking you and the people you care about what makes your lives better, what foods heal your family, and what you need in your kitchens.

(Hungry? Feel like you need to say something? You're invited.)

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We are also brought to you by the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging. Members of Intuitive Community wish to express our support for Jill Kesti, creator of the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging, for the life-saving work she has done in compiling this resource.

Jill is an amazing woman in Michigan building awareness of forced psychiatry and its human rights abuses through her graphic design work. Please visit the Coalition on Facebook at and on Patreon at Find more links to the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging in our latest post at

Jill is working to fund a coalition of psychiatric survivors in a class action lawsuit, research and create a medication-free, long-term support center, heal holistically & naturally, and help people fix this planet. You can make a one time donation to her Coalition work via, or to support her personal well-being via

If you have also benefited from the Coalition to End Forced Psychiatric Drugging, please share Jill’s links and contribute your positive reviews to her Facebook page,



Here’s one more: This program is brought to you by courageous hearts still beating, lungs bravely breathing, and the soul of wisdom in compassion that lives in each of us. Care for your fellow living beings. Listen to their songs closely. Sing your own song fearlessly. And tune your radios to the melody of Intuitive community.


Essentially, we are brought to one another by one another. When we show up to say how we are supported and how we choose to support others, we make more privilege in community for everybody.

If you have felt a compulsion to stay in hiding, you’re not the only one. All the fresh new talk of quarantines brings a new spin to it. But we have ways of reaching out to touch one another with our voices; my instrument resonates to communicate with you; your transceivers vibrate at the frequencies you’re receiving. Our bodies seem separate, but we’re connected. We’re making music together by caring about each other.

We can protect ourselves and also get what we need. We can ensure one another’s safety, privacy, and healthy interconnectivity. We can travel, in fact, without leaving the house. It’s a new day. Who do you want to help?

I’m grateful to a lot of people who found a way to show up when it seemed showing up would have to kill their living bodies. I’m grateful for resources I found when there was no other information to save me --- survivors building websites with their last and desperate and slimmest capacity. 

I learned a lot about marketing and advertising, once upon a time, but it was toothless from missing too much of the invisible, struggling to create value without recognizing value. So much of the focus is drawn by money, but we focus more effectively when we listen intuitively in community. 

Something is happening to you invisibly. And it might be the very most important thing…


Thank you for listening to this program. If you liked it, please drop a couple of dollars to us via this page,, or send us a public note to tell us how you felt about it: or

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You are a good person who deserves for good things to happen. Please accept our wishes for nourishment and well-being --- from all of us in this Intuitive community.


Bravely brought - Intuitive Public Radio




Following are details that begin to catch you up on the status of core helpers, organizers, and space  professionals in the network moving in or out of extreme physical consequences on a daily basis in order to assist Intuitive communities, individuals in need, and allied environments.

Our particular support for these helpers protects and establishes safer, more complete access to the resources in their care.

Once essential aggregate infrastructure and knowledgebase resources are more accessible to the public, these helpers can achieve physical safety, stabilization, recovery, and connection of critical sustaining nourishment across communities.

Thank you for your help.



More about Max.



More about Michón.



More about Azine.

Visit Azine's page at Intuitive Social Giving:

Gofundme can be found at

Brendan is also funneling emergency life-saving resources to Azine via


Zia • Communications down, extreme need.

James • Communications down, extreme need.

Brendan • Communications down, funneling emergency life-saving resources to Azine.

Aimé • Fire dangers, west coast.




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