Intuitive Public Bridge 

Re: this Intuitive Bridge and Bridge Family Group are compiling resources to share in this space.

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Public Bridge Transmissions

Jan 5-16, 2021 Intuitive Public Media

Jan 16, 2021. Since January 5th, we’ve compiled these snippets and resources from our conversations amidst this Intuitive Public Media and our Intuitive endeavor. Here is some of what we’ve gathered…—@maxmorris, @maxmoradio–2021-Intuitive-Public-Media—Max—0—20210116-ep2i0h 

—20210116-181922, 📝💌

Nearing Austin Texas

Jan 16, 2021. Nearing Austin Texas; I remember walking through neighborhoods where I knew I should not come too close, and I sometimes wonder if that’s how my body feels about all of Austin now in the flow of memory. But it isn’t only Austin. It is many more places and fond designations needs must be part of courageous conversations.—-@maxmorris, @maxmoradio—Max—0—20210116-ep2ft4 

—20210116-171635, 🌊✨