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Leave behind members of your team or family so that they get devoured and you get away It is better to kill the disabled and anyone who is weak because they slow us down We appreciate if they would commit suicide for us and save...

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#Urgent #WarriorsAid • IPR •••

Max (Meg Morris):

I’m sorry to say things are pretty bad here. I wonder if you received the emails I forwarded to you?

a lot of people I am talking to do not realize that we are in immediate danger of them not hearing from me again, and I am trying to signal to people that I need help, but it is not working.

I will definitely die if I do not get an income stream sorted out for emergency survival needs. People are not responding and I think I’m going to die.

I have been saying this too many people but it seems to have desensitized them and I am not able to get needs met that are likely to kill the body imminently.

if I lose my ability to communicate from the physical damage, I will be tortured to death with no ability to affect how people care for me, which is the most terrible of death sentences for someone in my position.

Please respond.

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#WarriorsAid • IPR •••

Kelly Wood writes, ‘ I’ve been living away from my mold infected home for 3 months while it gets remodeled recovering from black toxic mold exposure #stachybotris – I have made a lot of progress but it’s slow going...

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#BelieveSurvivors • IPR •••

most people cannot tell the difference between being falsely accused and being a rapist. this is something we are going to have to fix. . *

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Evan Jacques: Oh, thank you! I’ll copy the post I just made on Facebook Max (Meg Morris): ✨🌟☀️🌟✨ Evan Jacques: Stepped out of my flat to stop a fight and unfortunately the people who were fighting fell against my door and...

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