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Intuitive (Public, Social) Community fills a crucial need for those who have lost their connection to family and community.  For every Survivor of Severity, there can be emergent solutions based on their own lived experience and hard-won expertise.  In our community efforts here, we center survivors and their projects because what they know makes the world more compassionate, navigable, and health-regenerating for all of us.  Visit by clicking here.

Intuitive Community

(Public, social) community

The Intuitive Public knows how important it is to listen intuitively and live visibly.  For survivors of extreme circumstances and invisible people, we choose to share (public, social) community resources where all can learn from them (and join in).  Visit by clicking here.

Intuitive Public

Living visibly, listening intuitively

We continue to build Intuitive Social infrastructure to support us interpersonally.  Human beings are social creatures, but in the world today we seem to have misplaced a lot of our most revitalizing social skill sets. If you’d like to reclaim them with us — and as a result, find ourselves with much safer and more resilient communities — you are invited.  Visit by clicking here.

Intuitive Social

Social support, relief, & resonance