Intuitive Community Sanctuary

Intuitive Community Sanctuary is coordinating support, safety, animal rescue, and crisis relief for severe experiencers undeservedly excluded from community contact.

We are creating safe refuges with food, supplies, communication aids, trauma information services, the nourishment of belonging, and stirring up direct, friendly assistance for people who cannot find help anywhere else.

Our work is only successful because of you, your kindness, and your wishes for stronger, more resilient communities!

Thank you for sharing your needs and insights with us as we work hard each day.

Thank you for helping the members of our growing, survivor-led initiative by donating a few dollars or a few minutes of your time:

To volunteer, email
To donate, visit

And — thank you for tuning into this #IntuitivePublicRadio. 🌿

Note: To receive your choice of free gift in exchange for your donation, forward your donation receipt to and strike up a friendly conversation.