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Fees Supporting This Service

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copy editing 

$14.00 per 1000 words – email to book (writing a book? Go to ‘Book Editing’ for your discount)

We can edit your text to make it flow better, sound punchier, or just say everything you need to say in fewer words.

(Note for students and academics: if you’re submitting an essay, dissertation, or thesis, we only offer proofreading, not copy editing. Too much help from an editor could get you disqualified.)


audio transcription

$1.00 per audio minute – email to book

We’ll transcribe your audio to a high professional standard. If you want timestamps or verbatim transcription (where we’ll transcribe every repetition and stumble) just ask – NO extra charge!



$30.00 per 1000 words – email to book

Got a piece of text you want to put in your own words? We’ll rewrite it for you and run it through a plagiarism checker. Our rewrites often read better than the original!


blog posts

$100.00 per 1000 words – email to book

Give us a topic, a word count, and any keywords you want to rank for, and we’ll give you a blog post both humans and Google robots will love.


wordpress website work

$50.00 per hour – email to book

Web design, formatting, and general WordPress wrangling, with a speciality in Divi.


book editing services


developmental editing

$15.00 per 1000 words – email to book

The ultimate ‘big picture’ edit. We’ll analyze everything, including structure, characterization, point of view, tone of voice, pacing, plot and subplots, timelines, settings, and world-building.


line editing

$13.00 per 1000 words – email to book

Line editing covers both the big picture and the details. We’ll go through line by line, correct the spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and give you notes and suggestions on clarity, succinctness, word choice, syntax, tense, rhythm, and realistic dialogue.


copy editing

$11.00 per 1000 words (over 20% off our regular copy editing rate) – email to book

More intensive than proofreading, copy editing covers all the small details: spelling, punctuation, grammar, succinctness, tense and syntax, plus thorough fact-checking and notes on big-picture issues.



$9.00 per 1000 words (25% off our regular rate) – email to book

This is normally a final check for a book that’s already been through the editing process. We’ll make sure your spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, and formatting are all perfect.


free network connect

 Privacy-conscious assist . . . $0.00 (Msg Evan)
 Direct community assist . . . $0.00 (Visit @IntuitiveCopy on Telegram)


Email or msg Evan on Telegram to ask any questions.

This page lists our Intuitive Public fee structure for those visiting this service for the first time and those who reach us from outside the community. If you seek community and want to be part of ours, click here for the Intuitive Community fee structure for Intuitive Copy.