Intuitive Public Game

Hello! Welcome to the Intuitive Public Game.

From this page, you may find a number of games to play.

These games help to develop increased neuroplasticity, connection to community, successful personal relationships, access to needed resources, and effective problem-solving more easily.

Our games are made to center survivors of severe trauma, environmental injury or illness, and extreme hardship. Whether that sounds like you or not, we’re glad you’re here and we’d love to help you find what you’re looking for, too.

In the lower right-hand corner of this page, you’ll find a message button. Click it to type us a message (or send us a picture). This button connects you directly to the Intuitive community concierge team. You can ask anything you need, and a team member will be there to offer you friendly assistance connecting to community resources. (Right now, this is usually Max. Stop by and say hi!)

Okay, games list coming up. But first, one more thing.


This one is about you.

You are really great. Thank you for visiting us, and especially — thank you — if you’ve been here before, and you’re back again. Hello. 🙂

We are able to provide these services to our community because of the generosity of our community. You are a big part of that (even if it’s your first time by). Without any kind of money changing hands, your presence here fuels us and keeps us going.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, just by being here — you are helping us and this work reach those without money who need it most.

It is because of you that we have got this far.

Thank you for playing with us, thanks for volunteering (email when you think of it), and thanks for supporting us financially with a few dollars here and there, or more when it’s easy.

Our donations based Intuitive community infrastructure is supported by donations to the following locations:

To ask questions, email or message @maxmorris on Telegram. You can also visit her Hello Max page to find the easiest way for you to connect.


Games List

Numbered items added non-sequentially in numerical order. Some games, sometimes, will disappear! Click links to visit games; games without links can be started from this page. Money is not required for any game. Love and support the games you like. Click the lower-right message button on this page to ask for help. 🙂

0. Mystery game: The Egg (Patreon community). First three people who manage to start their Egg game successfully receive secret awesome prize. (Starting your Egg game may not be easy, but it . Enjoy!) — (??????)



2.40995, part a. 

2.40995, part b. 





100,100,000. Secret Facebook link game in support of trauma survivors and those isolated from community. To start game, message “100,100,000” to this page (using the button in the lower-left corner) and include your Facebook profile or email address.



20,191,026,131,924. “To be renamed at our earliest convenience…
this new, profoundly co-supportive writing game.” 🙂 ECV20171130 (???! —Gilda!)