Intuitive is a Public Survival Incubator centering the creative healing modalities, unique perceptivity, and expert sensitivities of survivors of severe environmental traumas, illnesses, and injuries — developing collaborative solutions for thriving on the edge of crisis and hardship in the extreme.

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Screams mentionable, manageable

Screams mentionable, manageable

Today's content note, trigger warning is "mild." Fred Rogers makes a comforting cultural cameo. Screams that are mentionable and manageable become inscrutable when communication is deprioritized -- and we are all discouraged from remembering why. Here's a quick...

Intuitive Technologists Exporting Radiozines

Intuitive Technologists Exporting Radiozines

Hello there! Today, we are Intuitive Technologists exporting radiozines. If you'd like to explore today's Intuitive Technologists radiozine, click here to browse. If you'd like to listen to today's episode of Intuitive Public Media, click here to find it at Anchor...

January 25, 2019 Food, Medicine, Family

Thursday January 24, 2019 11:23:40 What will you do when you cannot get food or medicine? I have asked this question of some others in recent days. So far no one has answered. I wonder, should I keep asking? . Listen to this episode of my podcast, Intuitive Public...


Listen to this episode of Intuitive Public Radio • IPR ••• January 24, 2019 Energy We are adding to this podcast episode throughout the day, and you are invited to contribute if you, like us, muse on...

Sustainable energy management

Thursday January 24, 2019 09:57:18 If one can express trauma without being met with shame, there is great energy we can use to do the next necessary thing. If a person expresses trauma and is shut down by their environment, energy is wasted, energy is dissipated. If a...


Wednesday January 23, 2019 06:23:13 That feeling when the disability aid keeping you alive is taken away.

#UrgentHelpersNeeded for Meaningful, Nourishing Collaboration

Max writes, in the Telegram channel, @NotesOnRefuge • Live Collaborative Notes On Refuge • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR ••• December 7, 2018 My parents are not able to help me sufficiently. I will die if I don't get more help. so I must focus on making public content...

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