Intuitive is a Public Survival Incubator centering the creative healing modalities, unique perceptivity, and expert sensitivities of survivors of severe environmental traumas, illnesses, and injuries — developing collaborative solutions for thriving on the edge of crisis and hardship in the extreme.

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Hosted by Meg Morris

Max & Evan Discuss Intuitive Community

 E: [28:56] I think we actually do have some --- I probably won’t get all of them, but we do have some basic principles here... E: ...One that I was communicating on a mutual aid group yesterday is: Burnout. In other words, do not make yourself the only point of...

Broadcast Room – March 31, 2020

Barest amount of broadcasting today. Are there any snippets we can get out on the air? Hello there. It’s 1755 in the evening, approaching the 55 second mark. March 31st, 2020. Terribly confronting challenges today --- simultaneous to wondrous occurrences!  With our...

Waking up, reaching out

I was dead. I didn’t want to wake up. I was dead again and if I could avoid waking up, I could stay dead. Still, silent, and sleeping. But I woke up and I was alive again. I don’t know how to say whether it was one death or many. I’m stretching the definition of...

Excerpts from March 18, 2020

"May we again meet in the light of understanding." Don't miss Theo Henderson's podcast, We The Unhoused. These words end so many of his audio segments, we find our hearts lifting in prayer and saying it with him. -- This is Max Morris with...

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