An Introduction to Intuitive Public Media

We are coordinating an online network that provides support to survivors of severe illness, poverty, and hardship.

Each of our IPR volunteer transmitters is coordinating resources for survivors in their location, and providing aid and services to others connected by Internet.

Because of severe neurological disabilities, our team does most of our work and communications through an online app called Telegram, where we have the support of our network disability aid infrastructure.

We are looking for others who feel moved to action by opportunities to decrease suffering, isolation, exploitation, and violence in our communities and around the world.


The network we are using now is based on Telegram messenger and is connected to many other platforms.

This Intuitive public network is a disability aid for those in extreme situations.

It is also a community centered on healing creativity, supporting collaboration and building individual income streams.

We fund the creation of these income streams (on an emergency basis, currently) for active and community supportive members of our network.


Here are examples of what we are accomplishing every day by raising volunteer awareness and funds:

* Sustainable, survivor-controlled income streams that meet more needs ongoing, decrease likelihood of emergencies, and can grow over time as a part of efforts in the community

Repairs to broken phones, computers, and other devices to enable them to stay connected to the network as IPR volunteer transmitters

Emergency eviction assistance where a severely disabled family would otherwise lose their home

Emergency communications assistance, especially in cases of severe neurological injury and with those who are multiply marginalized

Emergency supplies that save individual lives and keep our network running, including needs relating to food, equipment, and warmth in the winter

The members of our network, originally terminally isolated, are now able to go to work together every day by using Telegram Messenger and other platforms we have connected.

There are new and powerful ways for trauma survivors to heal and build together in this environment.

We are using technology that is widely available and commonly in use — now put to the purpose of aiding those in severe disability situations.

As a result, we are all much safer.

With your help, we are continuing to build this infrastructure.

We invite our allies to share this space with us, and share their reflections.


If you like the sound of this, we will help you get connected in the simplest way for you. Contact, or message Max on Telegram, to get set up.

Thank you so much for reading — and responding to tell us what here is most meaningful for you.

Blessings + safety.


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