Coordinated by Intuitive Public Media
Intuitive Public Media is an anti-trafficking and community trauma-relief effort centering survivors of severe environmental hardship in developing professional platforms to amplify their voices, connect the public to their profound expertise, and create sustaining income streams.
Intuitive Public Infrastructure prevents human trafficking by interconnecting survivors with self-healing bodies of nourishment in community. Our team members are in life-threatening danger every day, working to create systems that save lives of those most severely affected and multiply marginalized by the current state of societal toxicity. Individually, we each have severe and life-threatening health conditions ourselves, and literally will NOT survive on a day-to-day basis unless we get basic survival needs met swiftly. It is essential that neither our lives nor the significant work we have done in these communities be lost in such a terrible and needless way. Sending most crucial supplies urgently is immediate priority. Thank you for your understanding as we communicate through severe neurological injuries and otherwise extreme circumstances. Please reach out to us with questions for any items we can clarify helpfully. You support us best when you – – ••• Donate to help purchase life-saving emergency supplies for our team members ( or, ••• Contact us to coordinate and collaborate towards solutions mutually beneficial to our communities (, ••• Volunteers are desperately needed. You can help to connect us with groups and individuals who want to directly aid those in great severity (, ••• Permission to run your music or programming on our audio streams of Intuitive Public Radio ( allows us to reach more audiences in support of survivors of extreme hardship, ••• And — sending us words of encouragement, dearly and deeply appreciated. ( Please connect with us today, or with me privately via, in order to find out how you can get involved most beneficially to support all our collective efforts. Thank you for the work you do and for the opportunity to connect most meaningfully. With hopefulness and urgency, Meg (Max) Morris  
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