Memoires of the Mold Cabaret

Memoires of the Mold Cabaret is a • collaborative • multimedia • massive (quantum) multiplayer • humanitarian awareness-raising • musical • performance art • adventure • that follows and flows from those who have come to know mold much better than they’d once hoped.
Alas! The only thing left to do
is sing.

Collaborative Group Spaces

Collaborative Documents

Below you will find documents inviting collaboration and assistance. This invitation is also extended to you, kind reader, who may feel inspired to join us! Whatever your lot, whomever you are, you are welcomed to be in nourishing community with us.

Feel free to request access, or drop a note to and offer to help us edit.

Will you stop by and share your reflections?

Our Memoires

Below you will find the dreams and miracles of individuals seeking their safe refuge and possible recovery amidst encounters with severe environmental illness.

Please support them by browsing their work, collaborating with them joyfully, and responding to their requests when you can.

Dollars help us greatly, you know that. But please remember — your human emotional resonance, your presence in community with us, this benefits all of us much more greatly.

So while we will continue to share what you can do to help with dollars, we hope you will hear us when we reach out for an evolving connection with you that amplifies our common humanity.

That is the thing we want most.


Meg & the Mold Cabaret

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Meg’s 2011 album collaboration with Marge Adler, Home of the Heart (in Welsh, Cartref o’r Calon), is available to purchase on CDbaby (standard) or on Bandcamp (pay what inspires you).


Your Memoires of the Mold Cabaret

Are you compiling your own creative memoires?
Do you need help sharing them with the world?
Would you like to collaborate with us?
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