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Max (Meg Morris) writes,

Under current extreme circumstances, I will die without responses to this request. Please respond, please share, and please reach out to me ( so that we can solve this together.
                                                                                                                                                       All of us will be safer.



I’m writing to ask you to be part of our first Intuitive Public Patronage experiment — through which you can help save the lives of our team members building this infrastructure.

Intuitive supports survivors in doing work that aids their recovery, connects them in community, and creates resources accessible to everyone.

One of the greatest threats to life and work for survivors of severe environmental conditions is the unnecessary micromanagement and slowing of problem-solving for those experiencing poverty. 

This is FIXABLE; we are fixing it. 🙂

Please keep reading.

You can help us fix it! 


Society’s support systems micromanage people in poverty without understanding their problems. 

This is unfortunate, and not new news. 

Survivors who could effectively solve problems that are easily within their experience and expertise are kept instead in life-threatening and resource damaging situations that needlessly destroy their moment-to-moment progress.

Try to imagine no longer being able to make crucial small decisions without asking permission or money — but having to successfully navigate thousands of those decisions on a daily basis in order to prevent prolonged, unbearable pain, terrible injury, and death.




Rather than forcing survivors to justify their needs piecemeal, in tiny increments, we must respect their expertise and make sure they have a flow of resources that they can anticipate and rely on.

A healthy community plans ahead to avoid wasting resources, to help one another and use what we have in the best possible ways.

We the community trust each survivor, a professional unto herself, to solve the problems she is most effectively equipped to solve — and we help her access resources that allow her to use her best skills.

Everyone in the community benefits.

Instead of losing countless individual contributions in what has previously been a wasteful process, we gain the unique nourishment that each person expresses — woven into the fabric of our lives and stories.

We gain a community of individuals working together cooperatively and trusting one another to do our best self-healing work.

In us this inspires strength, resilience, and confidence.

This approach lets us work together as a community organism with common goals we know we can successfully meet.




We are asking our allies to reach out to us with commitments of financial and volunteer support that we can rely on over the next 6 months.

This may be a half hour a week where you lend a hand using your computer and your smartphone.

Or, a commitment to send $5 a week to support our team and the infrastructure we are building.

With your help, we can project into the future what resources will be available to solve our most pressing problems — and make great improvements to life-saving output.




Donations we receive pay for emergency needs on a day-to-day basis while we extract ourselves from recurring emergency situations.

This allows us to create strong routines for collaborative planning together in community.

Immediately, for instance:

 . . . . . . Urgently needed food, medicine, & life-saving interventions for team members

 . . . . . . Internet costs & the costs of building web infrastructure for survivors, who have no ability to access these things otherwise

 . . . . . . Disability aid support centering survivors with severe neurological & other disabilities




Will you please consider responding to this message with an amount of money that you could commit to every week for the next six months?

Or, with an amount of time you can volunteer each week to help us out via the Internet?

Even if the amount you can offer is $5, or $1…

Even if the time you can offer is 10 minutes at a particular time each week…

Please honor your ability to offer this small but very important thing.

It is your presence in community, caring to plan this with us, which helps us most. 

Please tell us how we can thank you for sharing your life energy with us, and how our efforts can benefit you simultaneously.

This is the Intuitive Public Community we are building.

Please join this people-healing mission.

You will find great worth in it.

With appreciation,

M. Morris



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