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Transmissions from East IPR

Radiostream Line-Up

The following podcast episodes from March 13-15 have been playing on 24/7 rotation at since April 25, 2020. We are updating the rotation today — May 4, 2020 — so if you haven’t yet listened to this line-up, you can find them all at

🌿 Transceiving Survivors of Severity MaxMoRadio, IPR  The first broadcast as we were discovering what parts of the body had capacity of function.
🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity MaxMoRadio, IPR  A venturing into poetic experience from out the extremity of winter scarcity.
🌿 Bravely brought Intuitive Public Radio  Here is how we learn, choose, and come to believe in what we’ve built, what it can do.
🌿 The Feeling of Striving Emergent, IPR  There are many different kinds of experience we are integrating, and many different kinds of beings any one of us might happen to be.
🌿 Intuitive Public Radio MaxMoRadio, IPR  I wonder what we broadcast in this episode… 

Next line-up coming shortly. Our list will be updated soon at the top of

Poverty Amidst Pandemic

‘ Long before coronavirus hit, medical care in prisons was substandard. Conditions inside and the land many prisons are on is toxic. Many facilities are old, dilapidated and unsanitary…I hear about black mold, brown water and food unfit for consumption. The combination of conditions and prisoners increased susceptibility to chronic illnesses brings us beyond crisis to extreme urgency.

– Shandre Delaney, Pennsylvania (Human Rights Coalition – Fed Up!) ‘

Poverty Amidst Pandemic: Everybody’s Got A Right to Live Digital Mass Meeting includes testifiers from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan shining ‘ a light on the plight, fight and insight of those leading this movement, and how crucial this work is during the double pandemic of COVID-19 and systemic poverty. ‘

Joined by PPC Co-Chairs Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II & Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, and Special Guests Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and Dr. Sharelle Barber of the PPC’s COVID-19 Health Justice Advisory Committee.

Seedlings – April 25, 2020 – May 1, 2020

Update: Today’s Intuitive Public Story Circle livestream opens at 1:30pm Eastern, and the circle will begin at about 2pm Eastern.

For information about this event, our ongoing IPR story circle, and collaboration with the USDAC, the Poor People’s Campaign, and the People’s State of the Union (#PSOTU), read & RSVP here.

Click here to find out more about our ongoing Intuitive Public Story Circle.

What is planted now, and about to sprout?

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What do you need in order to grow what you’ve planted? What recovery is possible for you — if your community intuitively listens to you?

Thank you for sharing in these collaborative gardens with us.

Intuitive Public Music – April 24, 2020

Previous notes:

Livestream shortly, 10:55am Eastern this morning — if all goes well! (And truly, it might. [Edit: It did.]) This morning’s livestream included Max & Azine+ with the WAHA (Gentle) Jam Band, and more Three Rivers Thunder, featuring David Esch’s heartbeat drumming.

Next livestream happening at 8:55pm Eastern, April 24, 2020, broadcasting from IPR Pittsburgh and IPR East. Follow this live broadcast document which you can also always find at the top of

Collaborations upcoming: We’re about to find out. Happy 7 Crocodile day.

Keep tuning in. 🌻🌿

Morning session, 10:55a – 12p Eastern

Evening session, 8:55p – 9:39p Eastern


In Covid Limbo – We The Unhoused (Episode 19)

** We the Unhoused ** with Theo Henderson, Episode 19: In Covid Limbo

Watch, listen, & support!

Thank you to Mr. Henderson for his awesome work. IPR East, IPR West and our whole Intuitive community network wishes him safety and success! 🌻🌿

Relief, Hope, & Light – April 20-23, 2020

🌿 Relief, Hope, & Light – April 20-23, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
  Please feel encouraged to join us on Zoom or Streamyard during our livestreams via each day’s Livestreaming & Meeting Links, Notes, & Transcripts for this broadcast. The document for this broadcast is here: 🌿 🌿🌿

April 22 livestream:

April 23 livestream:

  Previous livestreams…
🌿 🌿🌿
🌿 🌻🌿

Coming up soon at
🌿 Art, links, excerpts, & Internet radio transmissions from MaxMoRadio, Intuitive Social Horror (in the Shadowbag), Spontaneous Cosmology, Notes on Refuge, and across the Intuitive community network

Just published at
🌿 Broadcast Room – April 13-19, 2020Intuitive Public Radio
🌿 IPR Pittsburgh & the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum CirclePittsburgh, IPR
Max & Evan, Broadcast Room (unedited, complete livestream) – April 18, 2020 – Intuitive Public Radio

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🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricityMaxMoRadio, IPR
🌿 Bravely broughtIntuitive Public Radio
🌿 The Feeling of StrivingEmergent, IPR
🌿 Intuitive Public RadioMaxMoRadio, IPR

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IPR Pittsburgh & the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum Circle

As part of our April 13-19, 2020 Wrap Festivities, IPR Pittsburgh participated in the Three Rivers Thunder (Digital) Drum Circle. Excerpts from our contributions — broken guitar, broken recording equipment, enough strength to really shake it, and a glorious time. Drum beat by David Esch (thank you!). More to come.

See more about April 13-19 in this blog post.