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Radiostream Line-Up

The following podcast episodes from March 13-15 have been playing on 24/7 rotation at since April 25, 2020. We are updating the rotation today — May 4, 2020 — so if you haven’t yet listened to this line-up, you can find them all at

🌿 Transceiving Survivors of Severity MaxMoRadio, IPR  The first broadcast as we were discovering what parts of the body had capacity of function.
🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity MaxMoRadio, IPR  A venturing into poetic experience from out the extremity of winter scarcity.
🌿 Bravely brought Intuitive Public Radio  Here is how we learn, choose, and come to believe in what we’ve built, what it can do.
🌿 The Feeling of Striving Emergent, IPR  There are many different kinds of experience we are integrating, and many different kinds of beings any one of us might happen to be.
🌿 Intuitive Public Radio MaxMoRadio, IPR  I wonder what we broadcast in this episode… 

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The Feeling of Striving

The Feeling of Striving • episode notes & transcript at 

The Feeling of Striving (music: “Gathering Stasis”). Volunteer to help transcribe.

Screenshot 2020-03-08 18.04.37

It feels familiar to us, the feeling of striving.

We know we are doing our best. We know we have sought to care for others well.

We know there are things in this life beyond our control, wet like water, sometimes unpredictably shifting, sometimes a challenge to move through.

We know that identifying those things is tricky. Something we thought we couldn’t control might turn out to be just within our purview — as long as we don’t try too hard to control it.

Some things turn out to be our responsibility to act on, act with… and where we were harmed or controlled, sometimes we only feel better if we harm or control someone or something else.

If there’s a better alternative than that, sometimes we can’t conceptualize it.

There is a fluid resistance of floating or drowning… a choice that must be made to survive. Can we swim toward one another? Can we act in strength with one another?

We do not mean to bite those who strive to feed us. We don’t know how to be allowed to eat without also being bitten.

And sometimes, we are not sure how to tell the difference.

How does it feel, to move through the water?

It seems very deep.

Keep swimming.


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