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This Intuitive Consult

By scheduling a consult, you assist this Intuitive community and Intuitive Public Media in establishing professional consultation resources, dedicated platforms, and media privilege for Survivors of Severity

Thank you for helping us to create survivor-led income streams that support the sharing of crucial lived expertise.

To support survivors in our community and consult with key coordinators, email or be in contact with Max directly.

No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Please send financial contributions via

Assistance Request, Intuitive Public Media


INTUITIVE PUBLIC MEDIA is looking for someone (multiple someones) who can help us create super simple basic landing pages in WordPress, each with a single field MailChimp email newsletter subscription form. 

Then we also need help testing MailChimp, please.

This effort assists us in connecting survivor-led projects in the Intuitive community knowledgebase with our public platforms in order to (swiftly!) get life-saving resources to those who most need them.

Can you please share this request and ask people you know to volunteer?


Please amplify this message.

Thank you.

—Max Mo

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Intuitive Community Juice

Today on this Intuitive Public Radio of June 17, 2020…

Intuitive Community Juice is establishing necessary kitchen access, support, and equipment to multiply-marginalized, severely disabled people, especially in communities of color affected by environmental contaminants.

In the context of our Intuitive community network, this resourcing radically reduces and reverses racial health disparities across all communities.

As survivors and their families are strengthened by safe food after debilitative injury and illness, they gain economic independence and regenerate new and better (and as you know, urgently needed) resources for teaching cross-community cultural competence and racial justice.

Intuitive Public Media stands ready to help survivors build their own professional platforms at request, to amplify and respectfully interconnect their lived expertise across the Intuitive community network — especially where they can create ongoing income streams.

We recommend this:

Restore self-led recovery, creative expression, and economic freedom to communities of trauma and hardship. 

(Our favorite Intuitive Community Juice recipe!)

This effort is sponsored by Notes on RefugeIntuitive Public Radio Pittsburgh, and this Intuitive Social Kitchen.

Thank you for listening!

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