Intuitive is a Public Survival Incubator centering the creative healing modalities, unique perceptivity, and expert sensitivities of survivors of severe environmental traumas, illnesses, and injuries — developing collaborative solutions for thriving on the edge of crisis and hardship in the extreme.

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Hosted by Meg Morris

Why Loneliness is a Public Health Issue ' When we think about health, we usually think about diet and exercise. We think about the things we are doing for our physical body to promote wellness. But what about the things we can’t see? Relationships are a big one. And we now know...

Poverty Amidst Pandemic

' Long before coronavirus hit, medical care in prisons was substandard. Conditions inside and the land many prisons are on is toxic. Many facilities are old, dilapidated and unsanitary...I hear about black mold, brown water and food unfit for consumption. The...

Seedlings – April 25, 2020 – May 1, 2020

Update: Today's Intuitive Public Story Circle livestream opens at 1:30pm Eastern, and the circle will begin at about 2pm Eastern. For information about this event, our ongoing IPR story circle, and collaboration with the USDAC, the Poor People's Campaign, and the...

Intuitive Public Story Circle

Intuitive Public Story Circle

​​Follow all our livestreams for the Intuitive Public Story Circle at​​. Zoom meeting links will be posted near the top of the top-most broadcast document. ​ We have a Zoom meeting planned for April 17, 2pm Eastern and May 1, 2pm Eastern. If...

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