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Organizers & Volunteers

Some — by far, not all — of our group-organized platforms are listed in the column at the right side of this page.

A small number of our community members who are working together publicly on our core infrastructure are included below, with primary links by which you can find and support them.

You’ll also notice the links at the bottom of this list for Intuitive Invisibles — our especially-honored private network membership.

Mack M. E. Morrist.me/MaxMoRadio, IntuitivePublicRadio.substack.com

Onyx Mara Birdt.me/KindnessCaravan, t.me/MakePeaceLifeSchool

Johanna Botanica t.me/LifeSanctuary (join chat: t.me/SanctuaryPeople), t.me/CareMagicJoha, t.me/WildFarmacy 

Kim Barrat.me/IntuitiveFriends, t.me/IntuitiveMinistry

Evan Jacques t.me/SpaceDogSchool, t.me/IntuitiveCopy

Intuitive Invisiblest.me/TheIntuitiveInvisible, t.me/IntuitiveCommunity

Would you like to help us keep this page updated?
Reach out to volunteer@intuitive.pub and introduce yourself.
We’d love to meet you.

Radio Pública Intuitivat.me/RadioPublicaIntuitiva
Intuitive Public Radio t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio
Intuitive Invisibles t.me/TheIntuitiveInvisible
Intuitive Helperst.me/IntuitiveHelpers
Intuitive Mediat.me/IntuitiveMedia
Pittsburgh IPRt.me/PittsburghIPR
Great Lakes IPRt.me/GreatLakesIPR
Denver IPRt.me/DenverIPR
Austin IPRt.me/AustinIPR
Burners In Servicet.me/BurnersInService
Abya Yala RPIt.me/AbyaYalaRPI
El Respirot.me/ElRespiro
Red Intuitivat.me/RedIntuitiva
Europa IPRt.me/EuropaIPR
Afrika IPRt.me/AfrikaIPR
Intuitive Celtt.me/IntuitiveCelt
Care Magic t.me/CareMagic
Maeve IPRt.me/MaeveIPR

Star Connectivet.me/StarConnective
Intuitive Gallery t.me/IntuitiveGallery
Intuitive Strengtht.me/IntuitiveStrength
Intuitive Bridget.me/IntuitiveBridge
Intuitive Emergentt.me/IntuitiveEmergent
Intuitive Eartht.me/IntuitiveEarth
Bless The Vacuum t.me/BlessTheVacuum
Intuitive Unknownt.me/IntuitiveUnknown