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Just updated! On today’s Intuitive Public Radiostream, these
podcast episodes particular to March 4 – 23, 2020 are playing 24/7:

🌿 Reflections, Flashback:
July 23, 2019 Intuitive Listening & Intuitive CommunitiesIntuitive Public Radio  This was our last episode before the long silence. It does not have an entry at (yet). We are gaining some insight from including it here. Max writes: “I don’t remember what is in this episode at all. It is the last cusp of communications achieved – should we say ‘achieved’? Exploring this cusp, we might find more infrastructural continuity.”

🌿 Reflections On Team Human: Mark Stahlman “Get Digital, Go Medieval” (Ep. 149 on March 4, 2020)  In this episode of Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human podcast, Mark Stahlman provides supportive, insightful context to the challenges we are facing together. Max writes: “I was listening to this episode in the broadcast silence of extremity. I ran it repeatedly. I knew that it was saying something of a conversation I must participate in. The more I listened, the more I had a sense of it.”

🌿 In Spring Intuitive Public Media, IPR  This episode published to Intuitive Public Media is the first in a long while. Max writes: “There is measurable avoidance of certain words and phrases in this episode, because we have been finding (exhaustively) that those we seek to communicate with fear hearing or listening to us. That said, try again.”

🌿 Survive eleven months (April 18, 2019; March 18, 2020) Notes on Refuge, IPR  Witnessing the gaps in our broadcast schedule through the years, and knowing deeply the attempts made through our community to connect with others not experiencing such extremity, setting down dates feels eerie.

🌿 Excerpts from March 18, 2020 Intuitive Public Radio  Our first IPR excerpts workflow, as we began to get the document infrastructure running again.

🌿 On Team Human: Helena Norberg-Hodge “Everything Works Better Locally” (Ep. 150 on March 18, 2020)  In this episode of Douglas Rushkoff’s Team Human podcast, Helena Norberg-Hodge stuns us with just the words we’ve needed — locally and globally.

🌿 Resolution in Conversation & Power as a Gift Intuitive Public Radio  Max & Jim convene to discuss the ways we recognize and help one another. 

🌿 Waking up, reaching out Pittsburgh, IPR  Max and her repeated experience of waking up and reaching out. What will be there when she manages again? Will there be a response? (Will she be able to tell if she’s alive or dead?)

Catch these every 3 hours, 13 minutes & 02 seconds on radiostream rotation.
The latest marked start time for this line-up was 10:23 am Eastern, May 4, 2020.
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Previous Radiostream Line-Up

In our previous line-up for Intuitive Public Radiostream,
these podcast episodes of March 13-15, 2020 were playing 24/7: 


🌿 Transceiving Survivors of SeverityMaxMoRadio, IPR
🌿 Shiny new foliage, flowing electricityMaxMoRadio, IPR
🌿 Bravely broughtIntuitive Public Radio
🌿 The Feeling of StrivingEmergent, IPR
🌿 Intuitive Public RadioMaxMoRadio, IPR


The latest marked start time for this line-up was 10:16 am Eastern, April 25, 2020.
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Intuitive Community Gatherings Intuitive Community Gatherings provide us with opportunities to share meals and music, workgroup together on our chosen platforms, share publicly, and support one another in taking next steps together --- as community. 12 pm -...

Helpers & Professionals Promote Life-Saving Survivor-Led Projects

[Forwarded from 🔊 @IntuitivePublicRadio • Intuitive Public Media • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR •••] We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis. We need your...

Gallery of August 8-13, 2020

From Mx Max Meg Morris, this time-sensitive request: Please send us your response after reading the following text. Thank you for your time, kindness, and meaningful attention. Art &...

Northwest, IPR West

Thank you to our Northwestern contingent for organizing materials to expand IPR West and create new pages and resources for IPR Northwest. More in this space soon.

Hello, Midwest!

Intuitive Community is coordinating resources for the Midwest United States including Ohio, Wisconsin, the Great Lakes area, and many additional points regional. Thank you for tuning in to this #IntuitivePublicRadio! With love, Survivors Of Severity...

Sustaining a flame

This is a post by Zia from Austin ----- identifying myself using this composite name in order to more safely speak with the collective voice that includes myself and others who are living endeavoring at similar violent intersections. In private Intuitive work groups...

Two Tires, Channel Poetry

Dream For Healing, Intuitive Community Intuitive Community hosts this ongoing physical recovery session: Channel Poetry. To channel poetry is to free the expressive repair functions of our physical bodies.Donate to Support Channel Poetry via PayPal here. Learn to...

Have you caught this carbon copy?

Hello all. This is Max. We at Intuitive Public Media are considering the intersections of a number of crucial conversations going by the initials "c.c." --- the creative clout of media privilege where it is most needed in severely affected, violently...

MaxMoRadio Broadcast Poetry

MaxMoRadio Broadcast Poetry: Physically Healing Expressions of July 16, 2020 (12 Lizard, Said the Ancient Mayans) Today, Intuitive Community Channel Poetry ( presents these MYSTERY INSTRUCTIONS to relieve suffering and...

Intuitive Community Channel Poetry

Find more about Intuitive Community Channel Poetry by visiting: https://Intuitive.Community/Channel/Poetry  Heal The Body : Channel Poetry Intuitive Community hosts this ongoing physical recovery session. To channel poetry is to free the expressive repair functions of...

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