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🌿 Jan 24, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 4. We are in the business of offering privileged professional resourcing to survivors of the most violent intersections. •  We take a person off the street and give them immediate access to a marketing and media co-creation team, community support, tool sets, and tech to ensure their economic success. •  Any Survivor in a location where we can collaborate with one another has immediate emergent benefits often otherwise non-existent, so we are offering immediate value to each one of us, any person in our locations, and individuals who are in the most severe circumstances that we might encounter or interact with. •  This is why — any time you might feel despair or hopelessness for any reason — please remember that IPR has been striving to communicate. Please allow us to offer you these solutions. —@evanjacques, @maxmorris, & @intuitivepublicmedia •– —20210124-164921

🌿 Jan 25, 2021. Our Intuitive Public Radio Austin evening broadcast this very evening — relief, commensal musicality, & activated community — brought to you by the sheer bombastic courage exhibited by efforts like The Greater Reset Activation. Could this relief we’re feeling, witnessing, be a real thing?–Commensal-Musicality—Activated-Community— —20210125-183000

🌿 Jan 26, 2021. Memory, Intuitive Public Media. Rec-20210126-043418 Code & RSS; 043639 Application Honesty In Software Programming, Building Toward One Another Across Our Distances; 084639 The Intuitive Public Radio You Asked For; 085008 When I Could Not Listen; 103600 This Litmus For Inclusive Safety And The Repair Of Memory.– —20210126-104812

🌿 Jan 27, 2021. Disability Aid Network! Bridge Family Group celebrates this Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 5. Max & Jim touch base on the great value of a Massive Musical Multiplayer 24/7 Survival Walkie-Talkie Disability Aid Network — thank you, Intuitive Public Radio.–Disability-Aid-Network-Jan-27–Volume-2021-Intuitive-Public-Radio—Max– —20210127-194257

🌿 Jan 28. ZP reads from the writing of Debra Malmos on 13 Sun Ahau for this Intuitive Unknown Volume 2021, Episode 1. Listen here:–13-SUN-AHAU-Jan-28– • Chat here: • Gratitude for Debra’s peace: ••• Max writes: All the world feels full of gems and dew drops, hanging in the belly of the air. • Today the 13th day of this trecena, then tomorrow comes crocodile. All through the goldening garden of the last two weeks, weaving the womb, and in the sap of the earth a quickening. This moment is worth bearing. Listen. You can hear it. • In the grit and in the gloam, you’re not alone. You’re not alone. • Next on: Dreaming. ••• —20210128-172139,  • • •


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🌿 Jan 30, 2021. Megan Makes Music By Any Means Necessary: A Community Patronage Experiment (Circa 2009-2021) by Megan M. This is Episode 4, Volume 2021 of Max Morris & The Mettagog on MaxMoRadio. Emergent artmusicpeaces by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris with essential support from contributing Intuitive Invisibles.– • Tuneful newsletter signups: • Contact: -—20210130-123010, •  • • •

🌿 February 1, 2021. This is Episode 0 Intuitive Strength Volume 2021.–Intuitive-Strength-Volume-2021–Episode-0-eppnap ••• Barucha At Shekhinah. Lieber Gott. We are sitting at intersections of invisible or potential strength and feeling into greater well-being. Even when the landscape seems very strange… —@maxmorris ••• Recollectively • Bombs, Bodies, And Communities • rec-20201101-025608 Lieber Gott, Barucha At Shekhinah, Baruch HaShem, Humming Creation Of Nitric Oxide And Relief From Physical Suffering, With Thanks To Noam Lerman And Taya Mâ Shere • ( ••• —20210201-211149,

🌿 February 4, 2021. ••• 24/7 streaming of recent episodes: 🔊 📻🔢 ••• 🌞✨ 🌿🌻🌿🌿 —20210204-065928, 📻🔡 🏞️🎶


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artpeace february 18, 2021

february 18, 2021 • this artpeace by max megan elizabeth morris • @maxmorris • • mmem's flickr page just updated with new artpeaces: • please support today for life and safety:...

Jan 5-16, 2021 Intuitive Public Media

Jan 16, 2021. Since January 5th, we've compiled these snippets and resources from our conversations amidst this Intuitive Public Media and our Intuitive endeavor. Here is some of what we've gathered…---@maxmorris, @maxmoradio...

Nearing Austin Texas

Jan 16, 2021. Nearing Austin Texas; I remember walking through neighborhoods where I knew I should not come too close, and I sometimes wonder if that's how my body feels about all of Austin now in the flow of memory. But it isn't only Austin. It is many more places...


Jan 16, 2021. "Good morning," she whispers to the garden. 🥬🌿 Artpeace by @maxmoradio. Support: ---20210116-073126,

The Greater Reset: January 25-29, 2021 supports solutions conversations. Tune in with us January 2021 for The Greater Reset, Jan 25-29, 2021. More info: 🔊✨

Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community

Join our next Intuitive Community Gathering this coming Wednesday, November 25, 2020 and more opportunities in days following. Register here for ongoing updates to our gathering calendar: Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community (November 25, 2020 @ 12p - 2p ET) ...

Intuitive Community Gatherings Intuitive Community Gatherings provide us with opportunities to share meals and music, workgroup together on our chosen platforms, share publicly, and support one another in taking next steps together --- as community. 12 pm -...

Helpers & Professionals Promote Life-Saving Survivor-Led Projects

[Forwarded from 🔊 @IntuitivePublicRadio • Intuitive Public Media • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR •••] We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis. We need your...

Gallery of August 8-13, 2020

From Mx Max Meg Morris, this time-sensitive request: Please send us your response after reading the following text. Thank you for your time, kindness, and meaningful attention. Art &...

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