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Below, you will find some of our most frequently-featured Telegram broadcast spaces.

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Make sure to join us in the main public chat at t.me/CommunityIPR. All your posts to our public chats are amplified by the community network immediately. Notice the 🔊 loudspeaker icon at the beginning of each of our public chat and channel titles.

🔊 Public broadcast spaces: Chats and channels in the Intuitive network on Telegram messenger often have a 🔊 loudspeaker icon at the beginning of the title. These are auto-amplification spaces. Anything you post to a public space that uses this icon in the chat title will be immediately promoted to more public spaces across the Internet.

🔒 Private group spaces: Keep an eye out for the 🔒 lock icon, which indicates a private space. Never share anything from a private space with the 🔒 lock icon at the beginning of its title. Always ask permission — and verify you understand clearly how to protect the privacy of everyone in a private Telegram space.

Always introduce yourself soon after joining one of our spaces, within an hour of arriving — or your account may be removed as inactive or a bot. If you are removed in error, reach out to t.me/maxmorris or t.me/johannabotanica, or leave a comment in our public chat at t.me/HelpRequests

To follow our 24/7 continuous radiostreams on rotation and live streaming events, check in regularly at Intuitive.pub/radiostreams

How to join a public broadcast chat & feed the Intuitive amp:
    1. For each public broadcast location listed below and in the live recording schedule document, click to view the broadcast channel in the Telegram app.
    2. Then in Telegram, click the channel title at the top of the screen, then click the three dots at the top right corner for options.
    3. Then click “View Discussion” in order to join the public chat attached to that public broadcast channel. (Inquire for further assistance by commenting at t.me/HelpRequests.)



Welcome to this Intuitive Public Radio! This is our main (mostly English) network broadcast location on Telegram messenger. For our worldwide multi-lingual deep dives and far-reaching multi-modal explorations, make sure to familiarize yourself with t.me/RadioPublicaIntuitiva

    Join us at t.me/CommunityIPR for public chat and to practice your own auto-amplifying public broadcasts. 

    Click to visit Intuitive Public Radio on Telegram messenger: t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio 


¡Bienvenidos a esta Radio Pública Intuitiva! RPI es nuestra ubicación de transmisión profundamente multilingüe en Telegram messenger. Si necesita una transmisión de contenido principalmente en inglés, asegúrese de suscribirse a t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio.

    Únase a nosotros en t.me/ComunitarioIPR para chatear públicamente y practicar sus propias transmisiones públicas autoamplificadoras.

    Haga clic para visitar Radio Pública Intuitiva en Telegram messenger: t.me/RadioPublicaIntuitiva


Intuitive Community is our highlights location for community spaces, projects, and activities. When you follow along with Intuitive Community on Telegram, you’ll notice a lot of different new and interesting invitations happening on a day-to-day basis. Often these are public channel sets and publicly-accessible chats. Sometimes, we post invitations to private or limited-availability groups as well.

    Click to visit Intuitive Community on Telegram messenger: t.me/IntuitiveCommunity 


Intuitive Group is where we learn to coordinate Intuitive group projects! Join us here to learn how you can convene your own Intuitive group and build along with us. If you are looking for ways to co-create, implement great solutions, and get to know the members of your family and community, starting an Intuitive group project is a wonderful way to start.

    Click to visit Intuitive Group on Telegram messenger: t.me/IntuitiveGroup 


How can I help out?

Find more broadcast channel set invitations by staying familiar with this live recording schedule document. Join us at your next opportunity — and ask how you can help out in the particular space you happen to be visiting.

Support this work by facilitating the Flow Fund: https://paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles 

For more ideas on how to help, visit https://Intuitive.community/support.

If you’d like to stay connected with Intuitive groups building our radiostreaming infrastructure, follow us at Intuitive Media on Telegram messenger and reach out to Max Morris.

Be sure to always follow — comment, share, celebrate, amplify — IntuitivePublicRadio.substack.com, t.me/IntuitivePublicRadio, anchor.fm/Intuitive, and bitchute.com/IntuitivePublicTV.

Stay safe, kind, wise, and full of blessings.

    Thank you for listening.