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Intuitive Public Text

Nearly all our public audio and video content has transcript text available on request.

Some are published; some are completed but not yet published; we also have many rough transcriptions in process of being edited for accuracy.

If we haven’t published a transcript already, we love to have your feedback on what transcripts you want to see next — usually, we’ll move them to the front of the line when we receive your note.

When a transcript is requested, we’ll either send you a link to the existing public transcript or we’ll look for resources to finish the in-process transcript and publish the completed version. Sometimes we’ll be able to bring you the rough copy meanwhile. (If it’s a more complicated transcript, or if the base transcription had lots of inaccuracies in it, it may take us more time.)

To request a transcript of one of our public media peaces, comment at IntuitivePublicRadio.substack.com or t.me/CommunityIPR; you can also reach out by email to public@intuitive.pub.

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To increase our capacity to deliver transcripts when requested, subscribe to Mack’s Memo • Intuitive Public Radio on Substack and/or share funds with us via paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles. Consider also offering us resource share, volunteer time, or ongoing conversational support by reaching out to t.me/maxmorris on Telegram messenger.

Thanks for spending time with us, Intuitive text friends. 🙂